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Alaska Airlines pilots donates kidney to fellow Flight Attendant

Alaska Airlines Captain donates Kidney to fellow Alaska Airlines crew member... ( 기타...

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30west 10
A compassionate act of generosity, well done Captain Jodi Harskamp! May God continue to bless you!

A longtime military buddy of mine and a fellow airline pilot, donated one of his kidneys to me about five years ago. Both surgeries went incredible well and we are both fine, as the TV commercial says "just like it never happened". He was back in the left seat of a B-727 a mere six weeks after his surgery and has never looked back or missed a trip since. Thank you my friend!
We are surrounded by angels. Good-hearted people helping each other is a blessing. But, when a person donates an organ to prolong life for someone, it's truly amazing. A person can function & extend their life on kidney dialysis, but it takes at least 3-days & 3-hours out of each week. It's very difficult to hold down a job or attend scheduled job training when this medical process has to be part of ones normal workday. Receiving an organ transplant is a remarkable gift. My youngest son has one of my daughter's kidneys. To receive an organ from a coworker is even more gratifying and very special. It says a lot about who we are as a productive member of society giving a person a second chance at leading a normal life.
One is all you need. Save a life!
Captain Harskamp and Jenny Hansel - my prayers for a successful surgery and full recovery are with you.
A heart-warming, uplifting story. Hope all goes well.
god bless him..
Kudos to the captain!
J L 3
Such a very compassionate story-Thank you Captain for stepping up to help.
As a Captain for a major carrier myself, I certainly understand the challenges ahead for both of you.
Welcome good news in todays world. Captain, God bless you.
My prayers from France for both fine recoveries.
That is wonderful. I received a kidney from a close friend almost 15 years ago. Flying without an interruption ever since.
How great this story is, last year my older brother donated a kidney to me, and after a year I'm doing well, he left the hospital 36 hours after the surgery. I fly every week, (in the back) for work and feel fortunate to still be working and thankfully never had to go on dialysis. I'll be forever grateful ... thanks Kevin !!
My husband and I used to live in Alaska and moved 5 yrs ago to Oregon. We always flew on Alaska Airlines and we know Captain Jodi Harskamp and have also met Jenny. We used to fly several times a year with our little 2.5 lb Pomeranian Poobear. What an awesome joy to be able to share the gift of life to another dear friend and putting your life on hold. You will both be in my Prayers for a successful surgery and recovery. GodSpeed!!
Alaska Airlines is still a family. Good for all of you.
I think this is another version of telling the great story.
Well, the article title says "Alaska Airlines pilots donate kidney" so it appears that they are obtaining said kidney from an unnamed source or a few of them got together and are each donating a portion of a kidney.

Regardless,it is obvious that Capt. Harskamp's kidney will be a match for the recipient as they both have the same initials.
It is a beautiful thing Captain Harskamp is doing for MS Hansel. I wish you both the very best. May God be with you both.


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