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Melbourne plane crash victim, Glenn Garland, revealed his fear of flying in eerie Facebook post

Less than a fortnight before he died in a fiery plane crash in Melbourne, a US tourist visiting Milford Sound wrote an eerie Facebook post about how he was scared of flying. Texan entrepreneur Glenn Garland had been on a tour of New Zealand and Australia with his partner and friends visiting luxury sites and playing golf. The 67-year-old and four others were killed in the crash near Essendon Airport about 9am yesterday. ( 기타...

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Take a look at the satistic's your more likely to have trouble at sea if you cruise liner gets stuck in the middle of no where. Causes of light plane crashes really depends what has caused it but we have to accept in life the risks we all take to get from A to Be
Aviation = still the safe travel and not listen to all the BS people say


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