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Flight turned back after bird strike

An Air New Zealand flight was forced to turn around after striking a bird this morning. NZ5264, an ATR aircraft, departed Nelson Airport at 7.50am. An Air New Zealand spokeswoman said it returned to Nelson after striking a bird. It was inspected by engineers and departed again about 9.05am. The turbo-prop ATR aircraft has 68 seats. ( 기타...

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Look just because s....t splatters on the wind srceen the turbo prop is capable of flying onwards
NOBODY DOES IT BETTER THEN AIR NEW ZEALAND who remembers that add after they day they lost ther DC10-30 ZK-NZP on a scenic flight 1979. Or better still the Pacific's number one airline.
linbb 1
THEN???? should be than.

Why - it's a turboprop? Not unless it struck windscreen. Just keep going. It's not a jet or a flameout
linbb 0
What in the hell do you think a turbo prop is a recip? Its a jet engine with a prop on it still can flame out like you say exactly the same way as a pure jet does.
Doesn't happen that way, unless it's a BIG Canada goose. The bird gets chopped and diced, almost never entering the air intake. Most of our birdstrikes up here in the Great White Nord are seagulls and they splatter on the windscreen.


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