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Two small aircraft collide and come down in shopping centre parking lot near Montreal

Two small aircraft came down in a shopping centre parking lot after mid-air collision. No English report available yet. ( 기타...

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Here Wolfgang are 2 to add

Going to have to keep watch on this 1
Thanks rapidwolve, I just come back from skiing and the Gazette finally woke up and reported.
Skiing in Eastern Townships?..saw the 50-70 car pile up on Autoroute 10 in the news earlier this week.
Looks like 1 died and 3 injured as a result of this accident..hopefully no more..and both were owned by CargAir..
The plane accident not the 50-70 car pileup
Yes, the pile-up was about 30 km from my place.
Thanks for the English language links. I'm just a gringo who only speaks 100% real English and bad English. In about 1979 on my drive from Detroit,USA to Cochrane, Ontario, Canada we stopped into a shop and picked up a t shirt that read "I am a virgin it is old". I lost it in 1980 during my European vacation and the bag with that bag contained was stolen from our unlocked rental car in Marseilles, France. I hope the criminal enjoyed it.
The mall had to be evacuated because of fuel leaking from the aircraft that crashed on the roof of the building.
I guess the rooftop snow may have reduced the fire risk.
Thanks for posting the thread
C152 and they smelled kerosene ???
It's possible the leaking avgas mixing with roofing material smelled like it.
This probably came from the local fire chief. He spoke about kerosene during a TV interview, and journalists have generally do not have a lot of knowledge about aviation, so they did not challenge this.
The 21st century public associates Kerosene with aircraft. (When I grew up, earlier in the 20th century, Kerosene was for cook stoves and lamps!) Today, Gas is for cars, Diesel is for trucks and Kerosene is for airplanes.

I remember when any small aircraft was a "Piper Cub" in news reports.
And any jet was a Lear :)
New info, the two student pilots were Chinese nationals.
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Small planes collide in Saint-Bruno, Québec

Two small planes have collided in mid-air in Saint-Bruno, on Montreal's South Shore
English is the official language of aviation.
What is some provincial French government doing - dictating that press releases must be in french??
The majority of Canada objects strongly.
WTH are you talking about? happened in a large percentage french speaking province with a french newspaper the first to publish...nothing to do with the aviation landscape at all!
English and French are the official languages of Canada. I have seen bilingual EVERYTHING in Canada. The food packages in the grocery stores are in both languages.
Mais oui..and we have to learn french A l'ecole secondaire en 9e et 10e annee et parfois en 11e annee (in high school in grade's 9 and 10 and sometimes grade 11) dans Ontario.
What are you talking about? The first info on the incident was in a French newspaper from Montreal. It took the English papers a long while before they got the info out. It's not the problem of French newspapers if their English competitors are slow or incompetent. There is no requirement that any press release must be in French. The official language in aviation may be English, and the communication between the tower and the pilots in this case was in English. Maybe your coffee was too strong this afternoon?
I suppose the ones dictating the papers publish in French are the French-speaking subscribers. Thank you for reminding me how parochial I can be sometimes.
Think before commenting.
And dumbass is your official language


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