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British Airways ‘turning into Ryanair’ as first class passengers are the latest to lose perks

British Airways has come under fire from both staff and customers as concern grows that cutbacks at the flag carrier are damaging its “elite” brand. Disgruntled cabin crew have provided a list to management of recent changes they say are diminishing the carrier’s reputation, the Sunday Times reported, including the loss of first-class perks, such as free amuse-bouches with customers’ first drink, no more fresh flowers in the first class toilets, and the downsizing of complimentary washbags... ( 기타...

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I have flown 3 times on the British Airways " Ryanair " flights with M&S catering in 2017. On all 3 food ran out so those in the back could only buy sweets or crisps. Cabin staff say BA are doing this on purpose so they don´t lose money on wastage...Frankly, given the choice , I would fly Ryanair...and I never thought I would say that !

I have tried them all...BA, American, Lufthansa, Air France etc etc

Fly with Virgin they are currently the best for transatlantic flights.
Try Virgin if its a viable alternative, I've been really happy with them on long haul.
It is really sad to see BA dropping its standards, do they really want to lose their First Class passengers! BA is becoming more like a budget carrier every day. Having worked for BA for 11 happy years starting in the days of BOAC in 1965 I am really sad to see this trend.
BA has been going downhill for a number of years now.
It might be interesting to note that Willie Walsh, the CEO of the parent company, was CEO of Aer Lingus before he joined BA where he sold off all the 'silverware' and turned that airline into a low-cost budget carrier; it seems that he is now doing the same with BA.
arissone 1
The problem may be Alex Cruz (current CEO). He came from low-cost Vueling, now part of the diminished IAG group.
I disagree that he sole off anything at Aer Lingus, he revived the airline which is why he got the BA job, when he left the unions got hold of it again and we know where it went from there!
Ryanair better other than its preference for stairs rather than pay for skybridges. Crew definitely superior especially when it comes to lifting bags. On one BA business class flight we were strapped in when a young flight attendant said a small bag had to go into cabin locker. She then refused to help, quoting health and safety. Pathetic.
you obviously expected that to done for you all along since you watched everyone else doing it while you sat expecting to be waited on hand and foot. if the cabin crew had to stow everyones baggage they would have health and safety issues. I suppose you want the hostie to sit you on her lap and spoon feed as well. Did you know the owner of Ryanair thinks having seatbelts fitted is a waste of time, he would like you to pay for using the toilet and worst of all he thinks for short flights passengers should be allowed to stand, not requiring seats he is recorded as saying these things. he also feels he should be able to charge for all your baggage.
Oh no, which magazine will be blaming Ryanair for this failing as they blame them for every thing else!
No it's all down to arrogance, the so superior flight crew, the supposed brand value that entitles them to price well above the market for business seats!
I am now in Thailand having flown the excellent Gulf air airline for less than half price of BA, but I now pay personally !


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