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Sorry, you can’t protest security screening by getting naked for the TSA

An Oregon man who stripped naked at an airport security screening checkpoint must pay a $500 fine after a federal appeals court ruled that the First Amendment does not protect this method of protest. The nude protest at Portland International Airport (PDX) by a traveler named John Brennan prompted legal action by both the federal government and the state of Oregon. Portland prosecutors charged him with indecent exposure. A local judge acquitted him, saying that Oregon cannot "punish"… ( 기타...

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indy2001 5
I love Portland, but it does seem to have more than its share of wackos. Who knows, this could be in an upcoming episode of "Portlandia".
linbb 1
The upper left side of the state is on its own time table among other things. Portland the weird city with whakos everywhere just read the paper.
30west 5
Why is it always a 50 years old fat guy that decides to strip down?
Mid 40's would've been better...
linbb 1
Why is it an old guy not a young woman?
I think the court was wrong, that this is and should be considered as protected speech. The court's contention that people viewing this would not have understood this to be communicative is in error. I hope they appeal.
Perhaps in some cases and in appropriate locations,but NOT in the (PDX) security line next to families with innocent little kids on there way to Disneyland. That's just Wrong! Nobody what's to see that crap when they are trying to catch their connecting flight. Also, TSA have to close the check point when this happens because it could be a diversion to something more sinister. The Airlines also could sue him if he caused any flight delays. He's lucky he didn't try this crap in the southern States. He would have been charged for indecent exposer and did some jail time.
Oh dear Lord! Going out on a limb here; I don't think this is what our founding fathers dreamed of when penning the Constitution. Suspect they would have been more precise in their wording if they could have envisioned how we have warped their meanings.
Now, someone get me some bleach for my eyes, got to get that protesters imaged erased somehow.
Lol I think he needs to take a long vacation at a nude beach, Rio sounds nice
interesting! to be truthful, you are pretty much "virtually naked" when the tsa has you go through the new screening machines,arms out, that show everything from "muffin tops" to bones!since there were no airports,airplanes,tsa screenings or the like when the constitution was drafted,i dont think nudity was on the minds of our forefathers when they wrote the first amendment!


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