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Would United Airlines Really Acquire JetBlue?

Ready for another round of airline mergers? Wall Street is. An influential airline analyst is stirring the pot with a note positing a combination of United Continental and JetBlue Airways, one of the upstart carriers that have reignited competition on some key routes. They're an unwelcome irritant to "legacy carriers" United, American and Delta, which went through a series of megamergers in order to snuff out profit-crushing fare wars that helped force all of them into bankruptcy… ( 기타...

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canuck44 6
Highly impractical for United can barely manage their own assets and anti-trust issues would abound. This sounds like someone pumping a stock.
Roy Hunte 2
Another merge rumour, about the tenth time Jet Blue has been rumoured about merging with another airline. And every time Robin Hayes denies it.
if this is true,this would be a sad state of affairs..mergers,although good for shreholders,for the most part are a bad deal for not only the consumer,but the employees of that carrier as well..customer service generally goes "downhill",and route structures are not really improved..united has so many issues with their brand,particularly the way passengers are treated by employees,so I don't think buying out another carrier would improve the situation!!


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