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US FAA Fines Compass Airlines For Failing to Provide Weather Data

The US Federal Aviation Administration proposes an $869,125 fine against Compass Airlines for failing to give flightcrews full weather information on a number of flights to Mexico. ( 기타...

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It's Compass Airlines. Delta sold them off to Trans States Inc. back in 2010 after acquiring them as part of the merger with Northwest (also acquired Mesaba Airlines, and sold them off the same day as Compass)
So is it Compass Airlines or Trans States?
Compass....they are on a completely separate certificate with different dispatchers, pilots, F/As, etc. But its Trans States Holdings that will foot the bill.
Who needs weather when you've got a compass.
Who needs weather when you've got a compass!
Doesn't DL provide WX to its flights and DL Connection flights?
No idea. Since this was Mexico, I'm assuming it was whoever is the ground handler.
DL provides WX worldwide to all its mainline flights. (They have something like 25 meteorologists on staff.) I've never heard of any "ground handler" supplying WX, other than ATC.
There are plenty of those! Matter of fact, I once worked for DynCorp (now Swissport USA) in KSEA and did exactly that! Mind you to foreign carriers like China Eastern and Aero mexico. All paperwork including load sheet and even some performance figures. So, it's not out of the realms of's just handing over pieces of paper to the flight crew. Not that difficult.
Good point. I believe I was thinking about pre- and en-route WX.
But this is not msinline DAL, is it?
Each regional contracted by their mainline partner is responsible for their own paperwork (fuel planning, weather, alternates, etc). Nothing is provided by mainline except the aircraft....
...but asking here about who provides the WX info them in the first place. Few carriers have their own meteorology department; many depend on the government or private providers. [Mainline doesn't always provide the aircraft as many regionals own or lease some.]
Because that wouldn't be the same rationale. Not even close.
Well then, using the same rationale, how about fining the FAA for not providing free ADS-B weather and traffic to all aircraft, versus black-mailing us by only providing it to ADS-B out equipped aircraft.
I agree Jerry, it is completely in their capability to provide it, but chose not to in order to encourage quicker ADS-B out compliance, putting many at un-warranted risk.


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