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Frontier Airlines making massive Airbus purchase

Frontier Airlines said it's buying 134 new Airbus airplanes worth $15 billion. The Denver-based airline said it will buy 100 A320neo planes and 34 A321neo planes from Airbus that will allow the airline to triple in size over the next 10 years. ( More...

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David Aaron 4
I knew that this deal was going through as soon as Airbus found a supplier for 25-degree pitch seats, I personally think that 232 seats on an A320 is a bit much.
Burke Files 9
The difference between a Frontier Flight and a cattle car is cattle have rights. Moooooo
bartmiller 2
Is that confirmed? 200+ people on an A320 is no different than a cattle car.
joe danser 2
I agree. way to many seats.
Tom Bruce 0
not a "bit much" way too much...
matt jensen 3
Indigo is
indy2001 2
Sadly, Frontier has fallen so far in the last few years. A flight on Frontier used to be a pleasant experience but they're not on my radar any more, no matter how much cheaper a ticket may be.
n9341c 1
Ok let's see....if they have fallen so far, then explain their ability/interest in buying 134 new aircraft please to support your statement.
jmilleratp 2
I flew Frontier on one round-trip and that was enough. The trip out never happened, and we used a different airline. The second left us with an overnight to make a connection.
Jim Smirh 2
This is part of a quite large order by Indigo (includes several airlines in as many countries). It's not so much an "order" as a Memorandum of Understanding. Some of the proposed deliveries are as late as 2025, any bets on Frontier still around then? LOL!
Chris B 1
With no date for the first deliveries, there is every possibility that this will never come to fruition.
flyingj481 0
Sadly with the culture of everyone wanting the 'cheap' flight, I suspect Frontier will be around for quite a while. If Spirit hasn't disappeared, neither will Frontier. Sadly most people who fly on Frontier don't seem to realize that after all the add-on fees for flying with something other than a purse, you could have just flown on just about any other airline for the same or less.
DaveRK 2
Sorry your comment is not 100% accurate.
After United bought Continental, I started looking for alternatives to MCO & RSW. I save between $80-$150 every time I fly there (6-7 times a year) and that includes a stretch seat, carry-on, checked bag and Zone 1 boarding. You do have to watch their website for deals.
flyingj481 1
Well, I suppose it depends on the market. Here in Denver there are usually no shortage of choices when it comes to who you want to fly on. United is it's own thing, and rarely are they looking for the economy flyer without their own up-charges to make them more costly in the end. If your only choice is United or Frontier, then Frontier may be your best priced choice. If cost isn't your only condition for a flight, then United may be your best choice.
DaveRK 1
I have United, American, Delta, Southwest, Spirit & Allegiant.
Frontier has direct flights to most of the Florida A/P's.
All the others are with connections.
DaveRK 1
Opps... Allegiant and Spirit are also direct.
Tom Bruce 1
and you have to know what you're doing..and you do... sadly, most people don't
Randy Marco -3
Sadly most people are ignorant about everything as evidenced by the dolt et al that is in the White House and support for policies that will directly harm those supporters.

Let the ignoramuses get screwed by corporate America, it's the price they pay for their ignorance. I just wish there was an I Q test required to vote.

Can't fix stupid.
Tom Bruce 0
bush = dolt
obama = dolt
trump = dolt
the dolts on us!
n9341c 0
Absolutely nothing to do with this discussion. HILLARY TROLL...BEGONE EVIL ONE!
Randy Marco 0
^^^ Your comment is proof of the ignorance that is so pervasive, can't even comprehend critical thinking.
Tom Bruce 0
Randy Marco..look him up..negative insulting remarks about everything and everyone... got a picture of him.. lives in his mom's basement... hates his life.. lashes out at everybody....sad and pathetic
James Simms 0
Guess it takes one to know one. Jus saying.....
TWA55 1
Someone plz tell me what US carrier is not a cattle car? A Ghound bus has more room.
kurt brunken 1
Another reason not to fly Frontier. Like I needed ANOTHER reason.
Hugh Somsen -2
Frontiers betrayal of US based manufacturers will definitely effect my choice of airlines.
Afraid of a bit of competition?
n9341c 2 mean the evil Mobile, Alabama plant that manufactures more A320s than any other facility?
Tom Bruce 0
don't think they're producing more 320s than Europe...didn't they just get started?


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