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Hole found in plane that took off from Miami

A 1-foot-by-2-foot hole tore open in the fuselage of a commercial airliner that suddenly lost cabin pressure shortly after taking off from Miami, authorities said. ( 기타...

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Shortly? Please get your timeline and description IN the headline much more accurate in nature. NOT sensational with a lot of unneccessary, high degree of inaccuracy later on (or should I say SENSATIONALISM)later on. Thanks.
Any thing to make a buck.....disgusting :(
sounddoc 0
an actual emergency descent - a commercial rating maneuver! remember your training, young skywalker...

What the article fails to state (surprise, surprise) is that the crew seemed to manage it as they should have, and most likely by the book - loss of cabin pressure = emergency descent + oxygen masks. "the masks dropped [so we wouldn't suffocate] and then the pilot put the jet into a sharp descent [an emergency maneuver which is what he/she was trained to do so again, we don't die]" Seriously, F the media... However, medical assistance should have been provided, though, but only for PR of course.
AA has a crummy maintenance program. Many systems go unchecked or unrepaired if they aren't related to the actual safe operation of the aircraft. They try to cut costs in the maintenance dept at the risk of everyones safety. I quit AA for that reason. I vever knew if the instrument I was looking at was accurate or not or if the brakes were up to par or how much fluid was leaking from that spoiler or flap cylinder. I won't fly with them for any reason.
If it was an Afrrican Airline the whole country would have been blacklisted. Shoddy workmanship to blame here. Cut costs cuts safety.
toolguy105 0
I have heard a lot of different things about AA maintenance. I would hope if it was as bad as gruntusmc say it is the FAA would see it and step in. American Airlines 757 are among the oldest in operation. Fatigue cracks are common and hard to find, although the most likely places for them to be found are around doors and windows.

The flight crew, this would include the pilots and cabin crew, did a great job in getting the passengers and themselves safely back to Miami. They should be commended for their professionalism in handling this emergency.
Miami. Its a decent place to go on vacation to and you'd expect something better than a hole in the jet just after takeoff. Advice... don't fly AA
Oh and don't fly on 757's either
Pictures anyone?


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