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Airbus confirms $50 billion jet order, one of the biggest aviation deals in history

Airbus has said it has now confirmed its mammoth $49.5 billion order to supply 430 aircraft to U.S. private equity fund Indigo Partners. ( 기타...

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As a traveler I’m somewhat depressed at the A380 issue. It’s the most comfortable aircraft to use by far, even better than my beloved B744 and I’m far from the only one who thinks that. Hardly a surprise that airlines don’t give a crap what customers think!

Still I’m probably biased or jaundiced (depending on time of day and alcohol consumed) as most of my long haul experience these days is with BA who have not replaced or updated their cabins since about 1880 I think.
joel wiley -3
$50 Billion, and not one cent for a single A380, the Edsel of the skies?
Why is the 380 so unpopular?
mwlong 2
According to an article I read, the A380 was designed to move large amounts of people between hub cities. The hub and spoke operation is on the decline with a lot of direct routes being operated by ETOPS twins. Therefore the projected heavy use of expensive four engine, large capacity airliners just isn't happening and will not happen. It just costs too much to operate with a lot of empty seats.
It's a dinosaur, even at its young age..they are never filled to capacity that Airbus was expecting and newer jets get better "mpg"
Too bad this was reported here multiple times in November.
pilotjag 2
In November, it was announced as a commitment to purchase. This is an announcement of a firm order! Two completely different announcements. Understand the difference before continuing your "duplicate squawk cop" trolling nuisance!
But even the firming up of the order was posted an hour earlier.
He posts items just to see his name up there. Content does not count.
pilotjag 3
You're just absolutely ridiculous! I don't see you contributing anything useful to this site! All anyone ever sees are your unneeded, annoying, pathetic, childish comments when someone posts a duplicate squawk! Either you begin to contribute useful items to this website and stop with your duplicate squawk cop trolling nonsense, or just go away and never come back!
linbb -2
Guess that this is now an Airbus web site, or is it your personal one with all the posts of noting more than just a bunch of sales posts for them?

There has been AC problems that should be posted instead.


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