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Area 51 flights? Top-secret government airline seeks flight attendant

Are you a Las Vegas-based flight attendant looking for work and able to keep a secret(s)? Do you feel positively about working for an airline that sort of doesn’t exist? Happen to have a Top-Secret clearance with the U.S. government, or think you could snag one? If so, the perfect job just opened up. ( 기타...

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The FA they're replacing asked for a raise and was never heard from again.
In high school my son stood by the parking lot exit for this airline and handed out fliers saying have you seen me? with this picture:
The Gorn!

If your first name is "Janet", you go to the top of the list.
oplowman 3
If USA Today is writing about a "top-secret government airline" it's hardly a secret, is it?
Any Flight Attendants looking for a Carrier like none other...
It takes months and months for your background to clear. Once you receive clearance be ready for LAS-Groom-LAS 5-10 times daily 5 days a week. You might get a Palmdale or Tonopah quickturn every once in a while
More than that. I've seen EG&G's B736s parked at KOMA, so they have been known to fly cross country... even down to KOFF (Offutt AFB) for a trip to STRATCOM.
jbqwik 2
There's even a song about these stews called, I think, Sarah (Las Vegas Turnaround} by Daryl Hall
AWAAlum 1
Perhaps timing's gotten clogged up lately. While at McDonnell Douglas, my clearance took just a matter of a few weeks.
It is a bit clogged up now. Secret clearances are taking >100 days, TS are averaging 200 or so days, and periodic reviews are taking something like 220 days.
No "secrets" would come into play - the jet never overnights at the base. The attendant will likely never disembark - same as the pilots.
dee9bee 2
In the 'old days' for Pilots, at least, the background check took about a year. For F/As, not sure.
Born and raised in vegas been to 51 many times on dirt bikes,four wheelers
At night and day it's located between
Nellis AFB and tonapol.And yes there is some weird and freaky shit that goeson day and night u see a lot of
Flash grenades going off all over in the desert.Have see a lot of unmarked
Red and white aircraft in that area. That could easily be commercial airplanes but no way.
ADXbear 1
Some posters here might want to check their qf86... it means nothing ever...
QF86? Maybe you mean SF-86?
Probably the best news article ever on this site

Pilot must be Frankenfurter and FO RiffRaff
Back in the day, I was surprised to learn that they interviewed the nice neighborhood lady from where I lived until we moved when I was 8. What 8-year-old has evil thoughts? They also interviewed college roommates and professors. Be nice to your roommates !
MrTommy 1
Here I thought they'd dumped Area 51 for Area 52 (or so they make it sound like). You mean we've been duped again?
My son goes to Area 51 four times a year. Aircraft leaves around 0800 hrs and return at 01730 hrs.
Flight crew stay at a restricted area.
Top Secret Security Clearance eh? You're going to have to pay me A LOT of money to keep me quiet.
I think you'll find that the majority of people with security clearances don't talk about the details of their work out of a sense of loyalty (yes, that still exists). Then again, there's also those rather severe consequences of failing to keep quiet, starting with losing your job, and an all expense paid visit to the Federal Government's finest boarding houses.
AWAAlum 1
With that attitude it's likely you wouldn't be granted clearance. At least I hope not.
can't get off the plane...can't look outside...
ADXbear 0
Trust me after living in Las Vegas and direct info on this company you will want to look elsewhere.. I can't go into any details.. just look elsewhere
Ron Lorenz -3
Wonder if they have Hillary's App. yet?


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