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$186 Million (£120 Million) Raised to Return One Concorde to Service

The aviation world is abuzz with reports that a group of Concorde fans may have raised enough money to get the historic supersonic jet back in the skies once again. According to the Telegraph newspaper, "Club Concorde" has raised £120 million ($186 million) for its "return to flight" plan and hopes to get one of the decommissioned aircraft back in the skies by 2019. ( More...

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Sean Keehner 15
It would be great to see an awesome part of aviation history flying again!!! There is more to it than just the CASH!!!
GraemeSmith 12
Well huge sums are spent getting Warbirds back into the sky. They manage to overcome lack of parts and type ratings. Let Club Concorde have their fun too.
And many, many man hours retooling some of our parts to keep our Warbirds flying.
skylab72 9
Do not hold your breath. The "best" Concorde available is unlikely to ever fly again. A Concorde is much more difficult to resuscitate than a relatively simple WWII warplane. I worked on FiFi some time back and she is simple compared to a Concorde.
dbaker 11
Notably this article is from 2015.
pilotjag 11
Regardless of date, I thought it would be nice that the users of Flightaware who are a big fan of the Concorde would love to know about this
Torsten Hoff 3
Those same people might want to know that there is no chance of the Concorde returning to service, regardless of how much money people were willing to throw at the problem a few years ago.

There are no parts, no pilots, and no certification that would allow this to happen.

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Because this turkey can do mach 2.
mariofer 17
Because it represents one of the most amazing achievements in aviation engineering, even though was designed with a slide rule, pencil and paper. IMHO, the SR-71 should be next.
RECOR10 -5
Not really. It was designed as a commercial craft, thus it NEEDED to turn a profit. Never did. I guess this thing was the pinnacle of French engineering...blah. Cool and all, certainly not worth resuscitating. I suppose some folks really loved the Corvair....
WeatherWise 2
A Corvair was my first car when I was 16. Tricked out,loved it. It flew faster than the Concorde. Or so I thought after a few beers.....
sparkie624 -1
LOL.... Is that a Confession of Drinking and Driving???? Shame on you...
WeatherWise 1
Oh, did I say beers? I meant ROOT beers, of course.
sparkie624 -1
I of course assumed so as I am a Big fan of Root Beer.. LOL... And for that little comment, what lack of non-humor person gave me a negative.. LOL...
mariofer 7
Concorde was profitable during the last 15 years of service. The reason it was retired was because during the time it was grounded after the AF crash, BA and AF found out they made more money flying former Concorde passengers in First Class on their conventional aircraft, so there was no incentive to upgrade Concorde to current safety standards and re-start the manufacturing of spare parts for it.
Highflyer1950 4
Profitable, I’am not so sure. Airline profitability usually depends on years of service and the overall costs to operate. There may have been a time where a $1,600 one ticket and fuel at $.80 a gal allowed profitability but today you can buy a G600 or equivalent, enjoy a 5 course meal, put on your Pj’s and retire to the rear bedroom in the evening while cruising at M.091, enjoy a full breakfast and hit the ground running for a full days work......all for under 70mil! or fly an airliner with lie flat seats and have the same but for whole lot less money.
Highflyer1950 3
That said, I really liked the Concorde.
Tyler Emtage 4
Also, this turkey was the only passenger jet to ever fly at mach 2...whether or not it's going to fly I don't know but I'd sure like to see it fly again.
belzybob 3
Not forgetting the politics that interfered with its economic use.
Kobe Hunte 1
And you do not know when or if this thing gets back up running that it makes money. In this day in age it actually might make money. There are a lot more people that take time as money nowadays....
Yep, this was news 3 years ago.
patrick baker 3
in miami, the concord went out 11am, and traffic stopped, everyone within earshot stopped and watched this gangly creature use most of the runway in a most loud fashion, rotate, and leave the area, which then became suddenly quiet. I watched this aircraft taxi for takeoff- it's front end seemingly higher , and when the afterburners engaged- wow, wow... Come back concord for nostalgia's sake, skinny cabin, 100 seats, and all.You have been missed.... and damn the fuel prices.....
Marc Gatland 1
It's a British aircraft, old chap - they call it "reheat", none of that afterburner stuff :) :)
Colin Seftel 1
Ils ne seraient pas d'accord à Toulouse
sparkie624 -4
Around the world the International language is English... Please use it!
Colin Seftel 3
Sorry you didn’t get the joke Sparkie!
sparkie624 -2
I get the Joke... Just Aviation everywhere is English!
wingbolt 2
Not sure where you got that information but your wrong.
sparkie624 2
Nope! ICAO Aviation English is a recommendation, not a law. Although English is common, we often hear other languages on the radio. Air traffic controllers in the Canadian province of Quebec are famous for speaking both French and English.
wingbolt 1
A couple of nations don’t belong to ICAO so it’s not required for them to speak any English at all. And as far as military aircraft in any ICAO state there is zero requirement for them to speak English. So if intercepted by military aircraft anywhere in the world that pilot might no be able to speak English at all. That is why it’s so important to know the visual clues for intercept procedures. ICAO states are required to be able to speak English but it’s not required for them to use it if not needed.

As far as your statement that English is the international language your just plain wrong. It’s one of the International languages but not the only official one. Each diplomatic situation has different international languages, it’s determined by its governing body. It just happens to be the most popular one. Cantonese will probably replace it in the future if things keep going like they are.

Other than English speaking countries overwhelmingly the radio chatter is in their native tongue. They normally only speak English if the pilot does so on the initial radio call. And in some cases their English is spotty at best.

So everywhere other than English speaking countries English is occasionally used but normally not. Quebec is the exception, it’s an English speaking country, they just hate using it.
sparkie624 -4
Very simply. Anyone on here who does not speak in English will get down voted from me.
wingbolt 0
Now I understand your issue, loud and clear. Let me know where you work so I can avoid it. Engine failure, smoke, fire, doesn’t matter. I will try to make it elsewhere.
"If English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me..." =^/
wingbolt 0
I don’t think he spoke English. It is widely accepted that his language was Aramaic.
It's a joke, heard it from an evangelist friend years ago.
wingbolt 3
Sorry I misunderstood.
WhiteKnight77 2
It might be wrong, but it might be "they might not or do not agree in Toulouse."
Sean Keehner 3
The big questions about the model is.... how do you get it to the US??!!!! Could it be reclassified as experimental????
Was lucky to have a flight out of National to Dallas cancelled on me & was shuttled to Dulles & put on a Braniff Concorde flight. It was an exceptional experience. The takeoff put you very firmly back in your seat and seemed to be almost straight up. A large MACH Led indicator in the front cabin bulk head read between 0.9 to 0.97 for the cross country trip. At that speed the ground below looked as if the scenery was literally being quickly scrolled by below. Seating was snug in British sports car like fine leather seats and the multi-course+champagne meal was excellent; the on-board chef came by to inquire about your meal.
Carl Finke -1
Braniff is a now defunct major Texas based airline that had an agreement with British Airways & Air France to fly the Concorde on long haul US domestic routes which would connect with Concorde overseas flights. So you fly Concorde from Dallas to Paris or to London with a stop in New York or Washington Dulles. It was quite a ride.
Carl Finke 1
Thanks for the info. I had no idea.
While Braniff never managed to get their colors on a Concorde in the year of service, Singapore Airlines did get the port side of G-BOAD into its own colors.

...and the painfully silly Pepsi ad campaign with Air France F-BTSD...
mherlich 4
I lived in Miami when there was Concorde service to MIA. The flight path was right over my house. The sound of the engines was instantly recognizable and when I heard it I would run outside to see them on final, or better yet on climb out. What a thrill.
ADXbear 3
Great.. lets start a fund to bring back one of the space shuttles..
lynx318 23
Wouldn't mind a back seat passenger flight in a recommissioned SR-71.
WhiteKnight77 8
You are not alone.
skylab72 1
Now THAT was a hotrod! Mach 3 riding her own shock wave!! No way to make that baby quiet.
Let's see, a Concorde and a space shuttle. That's 2 out of 4 at the NY Intrepid museum. So let's get the Growler doing tours out in the harbor too. Lots of former Dolphins to help with that. Not sure about the Intrepid itself. We're going to need more volunteers ...
Roger Curtiss 1
It was an interesting idea from 2015 that clearly has lost momentum and is even more unlikely now than it was then to come about.

In theory a great idea but not at all practical. The aircraft in the fleet were not scrapped-they are still available and on display in various locations. That should suffice. This idea is/was simply too impractical and expensive to continue pursuing.
sparkie624 0
Keep in mind that even though they are on Display, it still takes a very very long time to get them returned to service and a lot of money to boot! regulations, Time and Maintenance... All cost money and operating a plane is not very cheap!
Anyone interested in a 100:1 scale concord model?
Cansojr 1
Go to EBay.
Tim Baker 1
The safety record it "had" probably will not be re-proved, do to rebuilding of parts/pilots.
Why is this nearly 3 yr old story just being shared?
jet4ang 1
I agree! Posted in 2015.
A mission profile no one can match. It is a good idea.
Kobe Hunte 1
If they DO end up getting that bird back into the air.. That would be pretty cool.

I wonder if there is a possibility of building new engines for the bird..
TWA55 1
Don't see much profit in this, but who knows, maybe this is the start of something new, a Pan Am clipper flying boat, or Connie any takers?
skylab72 1
Since the last of the Martin Mars firefighters were retired, there are no large flying-boat (classic) airframes that could be made flyable. Water and aluminum, particularly saltwater and aluminum are a maintenance nightmare. As to the Connies, I am not up on any others, but there was an L1049H livery'd like TWA only labeled SAC for Save-A-Connie, based in Kansas City and flying to airshows as funding permitted all the way into the 90s. I think she was sold to an Australian organization the could afford to keep her going. see ( There may be others, but rummaging around Tuscon and the high desert of California, I have yet to find a 1049 or 1069 airframe I thought bore much promise.
WhiteKnight77 1
There is no profit in fixing up warbirds, yet it is done.
sparkie624 1
Profit isn't everything.... Unless you are a "Ferengi" and I have not seen one of those in a long time!
sparkie624 -1
1 Down vote... LOL... Maybe we do have a "Ferengi" around here! LOL!
sparkie624 0
I would love to see that plane fly again... It is quite a legend.
Frank Lewis 0
This is great for the top 2% people in the world.
If those 2% mean I get a chance as a lowly aviation photography geek to see that beauty in the air again - viva la rich!

I live in the Pacific Northwest US where no Concorde routes existed; yet about a half dozen times over the Concorde's career we had them visit for one reason or another. From an early '70s winter weather certification visit by one of the development aircraft, to the delivery of G-BOAG to the Museum of Flight in Seattle 30 years later - I was happy to be there witnessing true beauty on someone else' dime... =}
Bing Yiu 0
Old news years ago, the biggest issue is Airbus stop making parts for Concorde, it is hard to get it up in the air again... :(
Rob Palmer 0
Reminds me of a "travel club" I joined years ago in Washington called Escape. An older Delta DC-7B flying out of Dulles to everywhere. Only problem was it didn't have the speed of a jet. This new idea, is obviously, on a much grander scale, and definitely better financed.
Mark Thomas 0
Some have argued it's going to take 10 times that amount to get one flying! High speed taxiing maybe? Like the Vulcan?
Russ Otto -1
Return the Concord to the airways. It is the greatest.
Russ otto
Chief Pilor
rdlink -2
In case we needed more proof that airline customers are masochists...


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