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Boeing helps Antonov to restart serial production

Kiev - Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov plans to restart serial production by the end of next year. The company depends on a deal with American aerospace giant Boeing that will terminate its dependency on Russia for aircraft parts. ( 기타...

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I wonder how this will go over in China, seeing as they too are helping Antonov..that and the aluminum and steel tariffs should make it interesting in the long haul.
Did I understand it in a right way that Aviall will buy components for An-148/158/178 in Russia and resell them to Antonov? Well good bussines model for USA. :)
I think, from way I read it, is Aviall will help Antonov "westernize" and produce the aircraft. As far as actual building of parts, Antonov has great facilities in Ukraine but too dependant on Russian suppliers for materials.
As I stated earlier thou, I wonder how this will affect the China/Antonov linking as far as the AN-225/AN-230
I don't know if you are the one that misunderstood or it was me. From the announcement, I took that the Boeing would manufacture and supply the parts that used to be sourced in Russia. Then again, I might have not read carefully enough.
Well, but if Boeing manufacture the parts so it will be new parts with new P/Ns and new aircraft modification for Antonov with all STC activities.
Good question. It doesn't seem to be clear to me at the moment.
The article says only that "The Boeing subsidiary Aviall and Antonov will set up warehouse facilities in Ukraine " and "Aviall provides aftermarket parts, equipment, and services for the aviation industry".

One more point is that "Antonov also wants Boeing subsidiary to procure equipment and material for Antonov to produce more parts domestically".

But what parts are they going to produce domestically? If Boeing parts well its new STC, because looks like they can't produce russian parts unless they have technical documentation for them.
In any case, I had understood that it wasn't just simple arbitrage. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
this cements economic ties with a ukranian company, one that has a product line outside of boeing's offerings. Boeing will learn many things from antonov, and conversely, has much to offer antonov in processes, production, pricing, marketing...


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