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American Airlines passenger kicked off flight after buying seat for her $30,000 cello

A passenger on board an American Airlines flight says she was removed before takeoff because of the size of her cello – even though she had purchased a seat for the instrument, and claims American Airlines assured her husband she would be able to bring it on board. “I purchased two round trip tickets for her and her cello on Apr.2 on the phone directly from AA and told them specifically that one ticket is for the cello as cabin baggage. ( 기타...

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canuck44 6
They will have to be like Starbucks and close for "Diversity Training" so they no longer discriminate against cellos. You really have to work hard to be this bad at customer service.
Hey American, So what’s the diffrence between a B737 seat and a B767 seat, and hey, a cello dosen't have any legs?
It sure sounds like they used the instrument as an excuse to boot her off the flight. I hope she gets compensated appropriately for the treatment she was subjected to.
dee9bee 1
I'm retired now but in the past there were clear guidelines about this sort of thing at AA. This would have been available to the agent. On the other hand, MIA has always been a bit 'different', compared to other hubs.
I used to love American, now my stomach turns every time I see the name mentioned.
I still believe aircraft cabins and seats are for people

What the passenger did is expressly permitted by DOT rules, and she paid for an extra seat for her instrument as required by that rule. She should not have been kicked off the flight.


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