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VIDEO: Dash 8's Prop Wash Blows Baggage Dolly into United 737 at LAX

On July 25, 2018 while taxiing for departure at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California, prop wash from a preceding Bombardier Dash 8 blew a baggage dolly into the right engine of a United Airlines Boeing 737, tail number N62892, at 16:04 hours local time. As can be seen in this video, the Dash 8 is just beginning to move at the time its prop wash blows the baggage dolly free. Generally, the amount of thrust needed to initiate movement from a standstill ("breakaway thrust")… ( 기타...

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btweston 6
I like how the guy driving the bags just kept on going. Like, maybe no one will notice.
He probably didn't notice! Spent much time on an active ramp, didn't think so.
A prop wash story:
My uncle was at an airshow where an old WWII bomber was taxiing. As the bomber made a turn its prop wash hit a bank of Porta Potties which all tipped over with people inside them. When they got the people out there was sewage all over them.
Orville & Wilbur Wright discover what happened to their luggage on the first flight
Well since I don't see how to edit my comment...I will carry on. I'm surprised, or at least hopeful, that an inspection was conducted of the 737.

The joke I was about to say is...perhaps this is a 787-9 with the new modified "prop" engines vs. a 787-8 jet wash.
Too much work to tie down those containers? Maybe also LAZY!

Ed Crist 2
Now I know what happened to my missing bag.
AAF/LD26 container weighs ~580lbs. but it has a significant surface area. Propwash on a DH8D powering up? LD26 outta here! (activate 'tumbleweed' mode) It at least to stopped to give the CFM a peck on the cheek on its way past, how polite! In all seriousness, my guess is that it pulled back out of the conga-line for MX to come inspect. No injuries, so this will obviously become an excellent 'doodle meme'.
Woah. Those propeller's make more thrust than I thought.
I can remember the day when a Super G Connie waiting to take off revved up all four at National Airport in Washington at the end of the runway which was next to passing highway. Picked up a VW Microbus and blew it to and into a nearby pond over several hundred feet away.
Leon Kay 1
Sounds like a "Hogwash" story. ;-)
dee9bee 1
I'm not sure who to blame, if anyone. All aircraft are stopped. Maybe poor timing on the part of the tug driver but I don't know their procedures. The Dash 8 drivers couldn't have known what's going on.
I'm sure the UA crew had the plane inspected and I don't think they were headed for takeoff. Don't know about the traffic flow on the ground at LAX, but for now, UA is headed away from the departure end. P.S. Glad my laptop wasn't in that bin!
dee9bee 1
P.S. United may have been going to the north side but I'll bet he returned to the gate instead.
Slytiger 1
The tug driver was at fault. Ground vehicles have the ultimate responsibility to avoid aircraft and their jet blast/prop wash.
Wonder where the container went and if the folks who had items in the container were notified of the um-scheduled trip?
The way it flew off, I thought it was empty. But I have no evidence of the fact.
Ken Lane 1
That had to be an empty cargo container but they're still not light with some 500 pounds of empty weight. And the Q had to be far greater throttle than one would expect. Or, there was one hell of a wind down the taxiway. That container moved quite a distance when the Q was long gone.
Stardog01, lucky people, they received free Aroma Therapy. Did they get a bucket of prop wash to clean off with?
Judge (in a courtroom scene): "Bailiff... WHACK his pee-pee."
That from an old Cheech and Chong routine.
Just could not help myself.
Seriously though: Is the incident on GCA or the truck driver?
so...what was "done" about it??? did the 737 captain required an inspection? or did he "just took off"???
Checking with FR24s recorded movement, it went back to a gate.
Jet wash?
yatesd -2
More CGI "video"?


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