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German Chancellor Merkel's "Angie Force One" is ready

Berlin - In Germany, The Luftwaffe (German Air Force) is responsible for flying the government officials around the world. But because of the German government's full flight agenda, Luftwaffe tries to cope with the issue with a limited number of airplanes available amid the busy travel schedules. ( 기타...

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Leon Kay 5
It is interesting to read this posting particularly if compared with our neighbouring Zimbabwe. Their presidential aircraft is a $400 million Boeing 767 purchased by the ex Pres. Robert Mugabe. This aircraft is fitted with super plush interior making it fit for royalty, while the country is one of the poorest in Africa and struggling for survival.
glen krc 4
I'm pretty sure they'll continue to rely on the A340 for the long hauls. I saw it at the Lufthansa Cargo area at Dulles a few years ago during one of her visits.
sconklan 2
Glad she travels light. US president (all of them) travels too extravagantly. Article is wrong though. Angela is not head of state. That would be the German president.
AAaviator -8
How should US presidents travel? - aircraft type? configuration? avionics? communications equipment? ECM? ECCM? accommodations for security detail, and press corps? Support aircraft to accompany AF1 for vehicle transport, back up AF1. You're expressing an opinion, I get it, but to arbitrarily decide what is too extravagant in your view overlooks what it takes to achieve the complexities of domestic and International travel in the current threat climate and just the logistics alone, threat or no threat. Extravagance was wife of POTUS 44 going separately to all vacation destinations (mainly Hawaii) with separate operational costs of large tax payer funded aircraft, security detail, staff, and back-up contingencies INSTEAD of traveling with POTUS 44.
Misinformed - besides Trump has already spent more money flying AF1 then, in the same time span of 44
30west 2
Scott, What are the dollar details and your source?
Of course, bring up POTUS 44. Got the nerve to bring that up given what we know about 45's golf trips and wife talking a separate flight because she rather not look at his ugly, cheating puss.
AAaviator -4
Yes "of course" bring up 44. Don't be a fool. It's totally relevant! Then you go on to assert "what WE know about 45's golf trips" Who the hell is the "we"? You mean to say there are others just as uninformed as you? Besides having the golf trip count completely upside down,you conveniently fail to address princess Michelle's separate government paid-for chariot ride to transport her entitled butt to the same vacation spot as her husband! How many times has Melania traveled separately to the same vacation destination as 45? Sorry you're suffering from Trump derangement syndrome, although you're in good company, seems this forum is well populated with crybaby snowflakes addicted to outrage. Don't believe it? Just watch the "snowstorm" down voting this post! Sad.
I can't even imagine how you segued from the seating arrangement in aircraft of heads of state to 'princess Michelle taking a chariot ride.' Have another ladle of MAGA Kool-Aid and chill.
AAaviator -3
I'm not at all surprised that you don't get it snowflake. Sorry you can't get over crooked Hillary's defeat.
btweston 4
You don’t know about Trump’s golf trips?
Hmmmm... ... only 5 down votes, no thumbs up. Doesn’t sound people believe you here!
Maybe you’re a Cornflake. Soggy when wet....
somebody go look at what Rhodesia did back then
I believe they just wish to keep a low profile. Stay tuned to the future. According to a contact of mine at the BND they are already outfitting a newer aircracft.
Chris B 1
How many planes does the airforce have at the disposal of the president, cabinet and members of house and senate.
Maybe we should look at how much Us taxpayers pay for it. Commercial travel should be good enough for many of them.


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