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(Video) McDonald's Drive-Thru in a Helicopter

"My name is Ian and I am a helicopter flight instructor. In this video, we decided to have a little fun and go get some lunch at McDonalds with one of the helicopters in a little unorthodox manner, or at least it seems that way. Through some fun editing and camera angles, we were able to pull this off. This video had actually been in the works for a long time. We finally were able to get all the footage we needed to put it together." ( 기타...

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Eagleod 15
Nice story, but I'll go you one better (and it's true- i'll leave out the details to protect the innocent) 1976, ferrying a
bell 208 from Fairbanks to Anchorage, following the HWY. I'm left seat. Look down and see a hitchhiker, look over to my right and John gives me "that look" and next thing I know we're on the side of the road waving at this guy to jump on. Dropped him off in Anchorage. We always wondered what he told his friends when they asked him: so how was your trip?
KG and me, ferrying a 500C (the egg) from Fergus Falls MN. to ADS. Stopped at a relatively small flyover state town airport for fuel, flew to and landed on the lawn next to the Holiday Inn. Next morning, Bagged breakfast at the MickeyD's next door while K got us ready to go. Told the girl I would have gone thru the drive thru but we were in a helicopter. She didn't know what that was, Sarc., They all followed me out the door. We left. Don't know about all over town, but, the Holiday Inn and MickeyD's next door had something to talk about for a day or two. Fun with rotors too.
Great Story! But being in the far North, totally believable. I used to work in Northern British Columbia near the Yukon Border and believe you me, anything was possible up in them there parts! Good Stuff!
bbabis 2
AS350 We used to land in hotel and restaurant parking lots or side yards all the time while out scouting for real-estate. Workers always had to take lots of pictures.
SINCE I use a phony name I can provide details. Flying 53 out of MCAS Tustin, CA used to land near a nudist camp and enjoy the scenery. Landed one day shut down, ate lunch with the crew and enjoyed about an hour figuring to log our hours...low and behold who flies over our CO. Busted....didn't enjoy being the OD for the next two weeks.
Waiting for the blooper reel....
Very Expensive Ketchup!!’
Telling us right off the bat that you were making a McDonald’s run kind of ruined the joke, otherwise, it was a fun video with good editing.
Someone will be motivated to try this stunt for real.
I wouldn't be surprised if it has already been done and the perpetrators we wise enough to keep quiet.
In 1958 when stationed at Marine Corps Station LTH in Santa Ana ,California we used to get away with sitting down helicopters S58 in the parking lots of cafes for lunch while on routine training missions or cross country flights.
Back in the mid-nineties an Air National Guard crew took a C141 loaded with a pax van to a Knicks game. They got busted though. LOL, they did see the game first. Got busted going back to the aircraft.
Who won the game?
Considering all of the places ambulance and police helicopters land, I have no problem believing all of these stories. Good pilots can drop these babies just about anywhere. Just mind the power wires.
More details would have been nice but still cute. I guess in today's upside down world the disclaimer was appropriate
watkinssusan and funny video..
This and
This story about a bell 208 from Fairbanks to anchorage sounds like someone flying a bird who’s home base was Kenai Alaska. Leg out company to protect the innocent. Lol
Waiting for it.......
Been there done that. In 1985 while ferrying a 206B3 from Bozeman to California, my partner and I decided to stop at McDonald's for a bite before going to a motel for the night. Landed in the parking lot, got the goods and then landed at the hotel for the night. This was in the middle of Nevada and a long time ago. Doubt it could happen today. : )
simstick -1
Depends on how hungry you get. Newscrew getting lunch about 10 years ago.
"You do not have permission to view media."
Sadly, this appears to be a members only site.
Really? Ya think?!!!


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