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Delta Announces Free In-Flight Wi-Fi For All Passengers

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian announced that the airline would soon be offering free in-flight Wi-Fi to all of its passengers. ( 기타...

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Fantastic Overdue I fly Delta all the time
I'm wondering if part of the rationale is, "if you give everyone free wifi, they'll be glued to their devices the whole trip instead of becoming unruly and belligerent." Maybe that's why there's so many air-rage incidents, device withdrawal? Perhaps some people can't just sit there with nothing to do for a few hours without unraveling?
Either that or it’s the tiny seats we’re crammed into. Maybe free internet is supposed to distract us from that.
Or, they are going to run DPI and see every site we go to (yes, not at all hard to take apart SSL) - sell our data....
Spend the flight visiting the competition airline sites and writing reviews...? =}.
I hope they upgrade their WiFi then. Everyone will be on it, moving at a snail’s pace.
If you read the article you see they have moved 2 generations of tech already. They are never going to have bleeding edge tech, but what they are installing now is much better. Below is a decent article about the difference:
For the amount of money Delta and all the major airlines charge, why not?
Kudos to Delta for recognizing how this technology has become part of our everyday life. Cruise ships charge for wi-fi. For an awful lot of people it is like a utility, similar to electricity, and I resent paying their fees. Expecting the cruise ships to put meters in every room to charge for electricity soon!
B.S. Delta and others have been scr#wing the pax for years with internet charging. They are waaaaay behind the curve of businesses on terra firma. Their technology was paid for a long time ago.
Um, delivery of the service on Terra Firma is somewhat different than offering that service moving across multiple timezones. I imagine satellites requiring higher infrastructure costs than running a fiber optic line.
($25 fee for each wi-fi enabled device) =}
Mandatory headsets or an audio free for all?
That's going to be a quiet flight!
On our amateur radio license renewal application, we are asked what we do to reduce RF radiation exposure to those near our equipment. Makes one think a bit. With WiFi we are all constantly exposed to high frequency while aboard; let's hope we don't get a sunburn. Otherwise, I am in favor of it.
How did we ever survive before wifi. Not going to change my plans one bit on weather I choose Delta or some other airline.
What is flight number of

Delta Air Lines with free
Wi-Fi in flight ?
Yeah - free WiFi but with the seat room I’ll never reach my device to use it.
Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport

but the wi-fi is free :)
Besides all us PX flying for Biz with little to no speed already it would be great
canuck44 -3
This is a straight forward business decision. The attraction of additional passengers will be thought to outweigh the profit from pay access and decrease administrative costs. There will be a window when they will be the leader but the others will be forced to follow to keep their business.
30west 4
Not quite the leader canuck. Jet Blue has been the U.S. domestic leader by offering free WiFi for some time now. A handful of International carriers, none from North America, have offered free WiFi for some time as well.
The issue with those carriers is, that they don't fly to most places.

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Or from TLH to anywhere!
But they charge to extra for items that connect to internet coming on the plane....


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