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Etihad Airways Set to Cancel Order for Airbus A350s

The flag carrier and national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways is in the midst of aggressive cutbacks, in a bid to overcome a mammoth $1.52 billion annual net loss announced just last year. Reputable independent rating agency ‘Fitch’ have said ‘Etihad Airways is expected to continue making losses through to 2022′, and it’s been established that the Abu Dhabi airline has “very weak” financials and lower unit revenues than its Gulf and European competitor airlines, despite… ( More...

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patrick baker 5
this is kinda like nascar, where three cars cannot fit into the turn, and one has to slow down. Especially where as in this instance, the other two participants are far stronger and better entrenched.
matt jensen 4
You know if they had not over expanded and stuck to one particular jet series, just maybe they'd have broken even.....just sayin
chalet 3
This was foreseen to happen sooner or later, buying aircraft like cases of good scotch (dozens at a time) was only an ego trip of all the sheiks and some Europeans running a losing proposition as they run losses almost right from their inception.
patrick baker 3
it just occured to me with the advent of the airbus350 ulr and the various 787's, and the comming of the 777 long range aircraft, we all have the chance to bypass the middle east and instead opt for domestic carriers or airlines of friendly governments. We do not need to have any mmiddle east airlines anymore.
Ric Wernicke 2
I have been in a lot of airports and have seen Etihad arrive and only a sprinkling of people getting off. They don't need more airplanes, they need more marketing for the fleet that they have.
joel wiley 1
It's always sobering to have to cut ones coat to suit one's cloth.
Jamar Jackson 1
Too many peas in the pot. How many gulf carriers do we need.
shrudini -2


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