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British Airways Will Become A Spanish Airline If Brexit Deal Is Not Approved

IAG is reportedly in talks with the Spanish Government to create a contingency plan in the case of a no deal Brexit. This week a 585-page document detailing the proposed course of the split from Europe, however, IAG is planning for a no deal Brexit. As such, the airline parent company which owns Spanish flag carrier Iberia is intending to prove it qualifies as a Spanish Company. While the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of IAG is Britain, there is a case to argue that the group… ( 기타...

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They know yet not what they have wrought.
Lets see here, just about everything notable British owned companies has been bought by other companies in other countries (one in four major British brands)such as Mini,Rolls-Royce,Jaguar,Lee & Perrin,ect so by by BA.
Actually that doesn't make sense. What IAG need is an EU based AOC and a UK based AOC. Guess what, that's exactly what they have. Why would they want two EU based AOCs and then exclude themselves from the UK market altogether.

This report is complete and utter nonsense!
Does anybody have any ideas on Michael Oleary and Ryanair regarding Brexit strategy ?
Ryanair is an Irish airline, and Ireland isn’t leaving the European Union. The biggest problem they will have (as will all other airlines flying to and from the UK) is passport controls.
Leaving the EU with no deal means that the UK is also leaving the European Common Aviation Area. Flights from/to UK may stop until an agreement is reached.
Nope. Sorry that's not my strong point! ;)
With some personal insight it is my opinion that the best thing for Europe was/is the E.U.,I believe it was a minority of persons in high places that whipped up the Brits to VOTE to leave the E.U. (by 6 % points).Take thaT VOTE AGAIN TODAY AND IT WILL BE OVERWHELMINGLY OVERTURNED . tOO lATE ?
Sorry about all the CAPS. It was not intentional
ken young -3
This is part of the stupidity of the creation of the EU. It should NEVER have happened
beilstwh 9
No, This is the stupidity of the UK leaving the European Union! There is no upside to Brexit, only down sides.
Depends on what side youre on I suppose...
Oh? How so?
I see nothing good coming out of a collective.
The collapse of the EU is inevitable.
While saying that 'nothing good comes out of a collective' might be applicable to autocratic, military-based, cold war-fighting governments such as the USSR, it is ridiculous to apply this to the modern context of the EU. ROFLOL. Collectives are how power and ability to act is concentrated. It works for trade. And that is primarily what the EU is about. But it is also about reducing redundancies, especially at the bureaucratic level. The irony of Brexit is that so many of the institutions and centers that the EU consolidated will now have to be made up for within the UK. Yes, you could say that it is good that British people get those jobs but these are not productive. They are only there to fulfill a role. Essentially, it now costs more to do the same thing. Whoever thought of this being good clearly doesn't understand the economic benefits of centralization. That is not to say that globalization is all-in an excellent development for everyone - there are many who suffer or have less as a result. But there are other ways of mediating the impacts than simply stepping out of a union that helped move the region forward in many ways. Simply said, the UK is the loser here. Sorry to be blunt!
There is clearly an upside to Brexit - for Mr. Putin. Russia's role in Brexit and certain other political arenas in Europe and elsewhere reduced the west's ability to confront Russian aggression in Crimea, Ukraine and elsewhere.
What a load of politically motivated garbage
It’s a contingency plan and IAG would be foolish not to have one. They don’t want to find themselves unable to operate if the politicians don’t sort out an orderly implementation of their mandates.
btweston 0
Brexit? Absolutely. A good lesson on mindless nationalism, though.
Happy BDay FA. Especially big shout out to the spotters posting those amazing pictures! And the great community.
Sorry - wrong discussion.
just delete ur comment then if u dont want it up! :-)
AWAAlum 0
How does one delete their comment? I've wished I could several times, but was unable to find how to do so.
The only way I have seen to make a comment go away is to delete the account.
A bit more extreme than the Brexit route.
AWAAlum 1
I agree. Thanks, Joel.
or you could report your own comment and tell FA you want it removed...
Have you done that successfully in the past?
not really with squawk comments. I have not tried it, but i have tried it with picture comments and pictures.


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