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Lion Air ends search for crashed Max's cockpit recorder

Lion Air has reportedly ended its search for the cockpit voice recorder of its crashed Boeing 737 Max 8. ( 기타...

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btweston 13
That’s a bummer. Now we have to listen to idiots speculate on the internet.

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They ended the search. It didn't say they didn't find it.
An excellent point joel.
Ya but airliner watch says there is no trace of the CVR when the search was called off on Decemeber 29.
joel wiley -1
I guess whether Airlinerwatch is correct depends upon what "trace" means. Their statement is " Within a few days, the flight data recorder (FDR) could have been recovered from the wreckage, but there is still no trace from the cockpit voice recorder (CVR)."

Since they know the location of the main fuselage in 35 meters of water, they have a good idea of the approximate location of the CVR. IMHO, a mostly intact fuselage is an excellent trace.

It appears to be a lack of willingness to put forth the effort, for budgetary or other reasons for not proceeding. At that depth, they could put a $10,000 prize for the first amateur diver to locate it and have it found in a couple of weeks.

"Lion reportedly got involved in the search for the CVR due to the NTSC's budgetary constraints in raising the main aircraft wreckage and to locate the recorder"
did they ever find Valujet 592? CVR could be buried in ocean bottom.
Valuejet 592 went down in the Everglades. A transcript of the CVR can be found here:
Thank you, Joel. Chilling.
I’ll bet Boeing would be happy to find it for them.
Says much about this airline and their commitment to safety. Any airline with a sincere concern about safety would want ALL the information possible to determine what exactly happened.
I”ll bet they don’t want to find it?
The indictment of the crew was the crash and the FDR, the proof that they didn't really know what was happening to them is on the CVR. Not much incentive to dig up the evidence when they claim it's all Boeings fault. And as RS said below, in relatively shallow water. How deep was AF447? That's not really a question.

How deep was AF447? Pretty dang deep: 2.5 miles. (
Had the same thoughts.
bbabis 1
Agreed! The search area is vey small. The aircraft hit the water in one piece and they know were the FDR was recovered. How far could it be? The relatively shallow water should also aid the search. Simply not trying!
Not trying or dont want to devolge its content.
Its in reasonably shallow water what have got to hide bad maintenance poor crew training ?
Both probably.
jet4ang 1
Really, so soon? They're afraid the truth will be revealed and the lawsuits they have to deal with can't be blamed on Boeing!
Lion Air called off THEIR search. The local NTSC is going to continue if they can get their Navy to cooperate.
It is the responsibility of the Indonesian Aviation authorities / Indonesian Government to fund the recovery of the CVR, not Lion Air.

It would be a grave mistake to not recover the device.

I continue to advocate that flight decks should be equipped with cockpit VIDEO + audio recorders. It is primitive that this is not happening.
CVR stands for, wait for it, cockpit voice recorder, try to keep up when you expound on something of which you have so little knowledge.

"They have been a mandatory requirement in commercial aircraft in the United States since 1967"


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