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Unauthorized trainee pilot was at the controls when Aeromexico Connect E190 crashed

Mexican investigators have disclosed that an unqualified pilot had been sitting in the first officer’s seat of an Embraer 190, flying the aircraft, moments before it crashed on take-off during poor weather at Durango. ( 기타...

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ffrcobra1 17
I’ve seen so many stupid pilot tricks I’m not even surprised anymore. I worked for a company that had two “professional” pilots, one with an ATP, decide that rolling a Lear 35 was a good idea. They didn’t die, but the plane was so bent up it required both of them to pull the yoke back to flare and the plane never flew again. Any pilot displaying such poor decision making skills should have ALL of his/her certificates permanently revoked. Someone needs to work
at 7-Eleven.
Excellent comment my friend ffcobra also put their stupid selves in the CLINK AND THROW AWAY THE KEY . FROM SHERIFF JW PEPPER B747 jumbo pilot
btweston 7
I wasn’t totally on board until you hit your caps lock. Capital LETTERS make every COMMENT MUCH MORE substantial.
Hello ffrobra1

Having rolled, looped, to doing inverted level flight in an L-29 Delfin, very disappointed to read that the pilot(s) did not have the basic skill sets to role a Lear 35.
Not everyone is a good enough actor to play the lead in one of the Bard of Avon's classics, though I doubt it affected their piloting skills one way or another.
saso792 1
Sounds kind of like the AirNet flight to Columbus, OH in 2007.
saso792 1
Guess if I had copied your link and gone there first, I would have known that was it without guessing. Oops.
A couple of related squawks:

At least the CVR transcript didn't have "Hold my beer and watch this"
chalet 6
The captain invited to the cockpit a chum with ZERO hours on type and gave him the copilots seat and let him take off in very bad wether conditions. The authorities should pull all his license and type ratings. The airline quite rightfully fired all three "pilots" a few days afterwards and guess what: the airline's union threatened to go on strike for not giving the Captain the chance to defend his "honor" but were severely criticized by the general public. All three are looking for a job; I would not let them drive my wheelbarrow.
btweston 3
Why wouldn’t you let them drive your wheelbarrow?
Because he uses it to muck out the hog pen and someday pigs may fly, and then we'll be back where we started?
Yup, time for those guys to find a new career. Perhaps the only silver lining in that cloud was that no one died, the incident occurred before they induced a worst one, and it made room for the aviation careers of three (hopefully more responsible) people. But, how more stupid can someone be than to be lucky enough to have been given the opportunities of a lifetime, and totally blow it by letting irresponsibility override reason, judgment, and procedure. Good grief, if you’re lucky enough to be one of the few, never stop being grateful enough and responsible enough to always protect the opportunity... and protect the assets, including the lives, in your command..!


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