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Airbus Plane Economy Seat Prototype: Are these the future of airline cabins?

Travelling for long distances cramped in the economy cabin of a plane can often be an uncomfortable experience. But a British-based designer has come up with a concept for a new airline seat, where passengers can control the comfort of the chair, including its shape and temperature, using their mobile phone. Benjamin Hubert, of London-based design agency Layer, has created the economy class seating, called Move, that could be used on short to mid-haul Airbus aircraft, and it will even tell… ( 기타...

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Hopefully it means the little ratbag "darling" behind you will break their precious wee toes when they try kicking the back of your seat for 5 hours ....... they'll have to kick their parent instead .....
Not everyone can read a safety card from 3 feet away between their knees. No room for the airline magazine and menu (to purchase meals and/or duty free). Nice start, but they seem to ignore some pretty basic requirements.
It does look like the top section is a screen - so maybe it has a menu system there, or of course the paper could be replaced by something in the phone app ... and you just have to get your order in first and not wait ft see the item sold out before the trolley reaches you.
Apart from the legroom problem the other main problem at the moment is the hardness of the seats and after a couple of hours it feels like sitting on a piece of concrete, (HARD)
Really interesting - of course nothing at all to do with reducing weight - only about passenger comfort
No actually it mentions reducing weight as well. The seats will not recline, but I guess they are making up for that by making it adjustable in other ways and hopefully therefore, more comfortable. Sitting in one spot for long periods is literally a pain in the backside, so anything that can be done to fix this issue is likely to be very welcome news to pax.
which is one of the most, or the most important thing.. Good reputation means a lot for an airline.
was referring to passenger comfort...
An interesting observation:

"The chairs will also automatically adapt to adjust to a passenger’s weight and size". Looking at the pictures, the armrests will do nothing to prevent some lard-a*se fattie next door from slithering sideways into "your" space.

I cannot see this making it into many American airlines' operations (or sadly the airlines of many other countries where "portion control" or "self-restraint at mealtimes" have long been abandoned.

Happy to be proven wrong.
They look strange let's hope they are comfortable on long flights
What's to stop me controlling sombody elses seat?
The economy cabin is already called the cattle class .
Why do not make boxes, where the passengers are pushed in horizontally, that saves even more space so passengers are transported in a lying position. Like cattle !
Just how will the passengers phone communicate with the seat when it is in Aeroplane mode? Aeroplane mode switches off network access, wifi and bluetooth. Sounds like a seat perfect for Ryan Air, but not its passengers.
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You can use Bluetooth in flight mode
they obviously already have it figured out how it will work in Aeroplane mode... or else they wouldnt do it
You are making am assumption that I would hesitate to make. However assuming your assumption is correct I am interested to know what form of communication they are using between the seat and the phone.
Bluetooth is switched off in Aeroplane mode, at least it is on my phone.
Maybe their app has some sort of wifi that connects with the seat
WiFi is also switched off in Aeroplane mode. I think the answer is that the airline has to tell its passengers to switch Bluetooth (only) on and override the Aeroplane mode default settings.
WIFI is not switched off in airplane mode, so that is an option if the plane has a WIFI hotspot to connect to. Cellular (and cellular data) and Bluetooth are turned off. Most modern planes allow Bluetooth as well now.
Interesting, on my phone (android) aeroplane mode turns off wifi, bluetooth and cellular (and celular data). One can turn them on again individually if the airline permits but not all airlines have wifi in flight. However at least I got the answer to my question, thanks.
you know how you connect to the airlines wifi when you go in the plane? The app would use that wifi to connect with the seat...
HELP I don’t have a phone!
First World problem.
why use a mobile phone app as controller for seat? seems frivilous- just prefer manual controls ;so make sure any seat i may occupy will adjust at will. As i sit in this seat, i can feel the disgust from the airline toward my fellow fliers. This is stupid, silly, and maybe uncomfortable.
They’ve started to install similar seats on the latest British trains. Take it from me if you’re not the regulation size they will be extremely uncomfortable after a couple of hours without being able to move!


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