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A Summer From Hell Is Coming to U.S. Airports

The grounding of the 737 Max after two air disasters and the potential loss of TSA staff to the Mexico border means cancelled flights and long lines. ( 기타...

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Funny to see that the "bug's fart" is popular also in this world. It is also in the kitesurfing world where any bird's fart (seagull or else) is the expression used to call the useless wind that will not make your kitesurfing day memorable. I am still laughing thinking about the supposed size of the bug producing the air/wind enough to disrupt a whole day at an airport. You guys are fantastic!
Interesting use of the word and it's always good to increase one's vocabulary!! ;-)

PS: Rather than the size of the bug, I would have thought most would have been concerned with the huge cloud of methane it would have produced, And no matches, fires or sparks, please!!! Could you imagine the possible consequences???
I enjoy this site - the comments from some folks - not at all. Every site seems to turn into a political war of words. A few of you ruin a great site with your personal, spiteful comments. Check into a “political” site and leave us that enjoy aviation to do just that.
I live in the Palm Beaches. I pray that he gets hit on the head with a gold ball. Better yet, a bowling ball. Not that it would make a different, the evil moron is already brain dead.
waynej007 -1
Wow. Freeking idiot! He's done more good for the country in 2 yrs the previous admin who started the trail of USA's destruction and w/ all the lib bozo's lined up to try to defeat him next year... MAGA!
What actually has he done? And please, don't go the Supreme Court thing, Mitch made sure to block Obama's nominee, and the pushed through the Heritage Foundation pick.
Trump had no idea who the guy was until Pence told him that is who they wanted. Other than that?
even during slow times at the airport,without weather delays or cancellations or flight changes,its always a good idea to plan ahead and arrive at the airport a couple of hours before your scheduled never know and also you have to take into account maybe parking a car and riding a shuttle,or having issues with checking bags or a passport,or any other number of things,including having the children with you!
Any airport that President Trump shows up at will be a mess. I hit Obama in Honolulu and Clinton in Chicago and it was gridlock. I feel for the folks down at Palm Beach because that's where Pres. Trump visits a lot.
I live in the Palm Beaches. I'll gladly give up a day of flying or file an appropriate flight plan so that this President can enjoy a day on his golf course.
Yep, you nailed it. Seriously, what can possibly happen during the busiest/heaviest travel time of the year, when you are forced to cancel 6500 flights a day (US carriers) and deal with 400 fewer TSA staff?
Nice aviation related comment
I guess this proves there is no getting away from political rhetoric, or someones personal opinion
MSU Sparty 18
Sensationalistic gibberish from Bloomberg once again. The 737 Max issue is already built into the schedules. Those few TSA agents moving to the border will not disrupt anything. A thunderstorm over ORD for 2 hours will cause more disruptions.
I agree.. They announced their schedule changes a while back, and I am sure they did it with worse cast scenario built in. If some miracle were to happen, it would only increase their capabilities.
scott8733 15
Agreed. Max's make up 0% of DL's fleet, and a tiny % of AA and UAL. I do feel for SWA but as you astutely point out, rainshowers (or a bug farting the wrong way on 9L/27R for that matter) at ORD are more likely to cause operational disruption.
Had to give that a thumbs up for Farting Bug.
It must be 1 heck of a good size bug to cause that much wind.
Bugs that big are much more likely at DFW
Wow!! Just curious, but what exactly happens when a bug farts the wrong way??? It sounds like it could be quite ominous or at least serious in some situations. ;-)
Depends on how much the bug's fart adds to the swift breeze of hot air coming from Chicago City Hall I suppose!


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