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Delta Retires Last Domestic Boeing 767-300

Delta Air Lines has phased out the last domestic Boeing 767-300 aircraft from its fleet, sending it to Blytheville, Arkansas earlier today. The 1993-delivered Boeing 767-332 (N1402A • MSN 25989 • LN 506) flew from Atlanta (ATL) to Blytheville (BYH) after having performed its last revenue trip from Salt Lake City (SLC) to ATL the previous evening, as flight DL1802. This particular variant was the youngest 767-300s in the airline's fleet, at 25.9 years. ( 기타...

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So sad. I love 767's and A380's. Single aisle aircraft are very uncomfortable to use when you have kids or a physical disability. At least with multiple aisle aircraft you can try and get out of everyone else's way.
Old ship 1402. Had some time with this airplane. Bring on the new replacements.


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