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Boeing now has 787 problems

Boeing woes just increased with FAA review of potential problems with its 787. This is the fallout when you try to hide something. Government agencies just look in more places. Best guess is there are more whistle blowers just waiting to tell their stories. ( 기타...

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Leave it to the daily mail to sensationalize an a run-of-the-mill airworthiness directive.

Leave it to Sharon to sensationalize a story in the daily mail.

I live in South Carolina, and for several years, I taught in a high school here after retiring (not as a teacher) and pretty much know the level of students that come from this state. There is a reason the state sits at #48 out of 50. The 787 is built for the most part in Charleston, where workers are paid a lot less than in Washington State (thanks for not having a union, SC). The local papers and articles all point out to sloppy work and sloppy inspections at the Charleston plant. This isn't the first problem the 787 has had, and certainly won't be the last, but... it sure comes at a very bad time.
Tires and wheels, neither of which are manufactured in SC. But nice try...
Another irrelevant anti-Boeing article. *Downvotes*
Boing = Suspect

PS Their fault too ! ! !
Ad’s and SB’s just a way of life in the airplane industry.
Ohhh boy it just keeps on pileling up
Being roasted just like Huawei...
With Facebook already on the plate...
Kobe Hunte -7
First the Max, now this. Airbus is probably smiling.
When a shark eats swimmer right next to you, it's not something to smile about.
In a way you wouldn't, you would feel sorry for them that they have so many problems. But in terms of business, you would be glad. Don't you agree?
I don't, not on the business part. A duopoly like coke/pepsi is a strange thing anyway, but this... Airbus and Boeing are obviously competitors and love hating each other, but they also have a really good thing going. A really really good thing, and if one company gets in trouble (desperate), it would unquestionably be bad for both (along with the flying public).

Both companies have single-isle order backlogs of something like five thousand airplanes? Six thousand? If every max order was cancelled in favor of a320's tomorrow, airbus couldn't even think of delivering on those orders for, what, 3 years? And if all these max operators want compensation for the brand new airplanes sitting around gathering dust, they better have something on order with Boeing because that's how they're going to collect. Future discounts, yes. Check in the mail by the end of the week, no.

Neither company can build airplanes fast enough. Both companies are sitting on huge piles of money. So when the ceo of airbus says this max thing is bad for aviation, I believe him.

But I've been wrong before.
Couldn’t have said it better
Colin Gunn -7
Probably buying Champagne buy the case...


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