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The Mysterious And Potentially Revolutionary Celera 500L Aircraft May Fly Soon

New photos of the unusual, yet still rather unknown aircraft first sighted at the Victorville Southern California Logistics Airport has emerged. As to what this design and what purpose this aircraft serves is still unclear, it is believed that the Celera 500L, built by Otto Aviation may make its maiden flight soon. Not much is known about the aircraft for the manufacturer, but they have been operating in secret for at least a decade. ( More...

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Paul Hurford 6
Almost all respondents are Skeptics. Right - and two guys who owned a bicycle shop couldn't invent the first (maybe second) heavier than air craft.

I wish these guys a lot of luck and hope their dreams come true - so many don't, but that's just life. There have to be a few winners and I hope this is one of them.
lynx318 1
Haven't skepticised (is that a word? tis now.) anything yet. Waiting to see if the proof is in the pudding, it does look like a pudding.
Paul Hurford 1
Agreed. It looks as if they've put a ton of work into making this a reality, not to mention the development funding.
Reminds me of a Piaggio Avanti, but with only 1 engine.
chalet 4
Whenever I see a "new aerodynamics aircraft" I take it with a pound of salt. Of the numerous Rutan contraptions what is left after some 100-200? were built. The road to the boneyard is paved with several car-airplane and other strange looking things that made their creators several millions of dollars poorer. Too bad.
chalet 1
On second thought, this strange looking aircraft seems to be designed for electronic survelliance at high altitude and long hours or perhaps days, both manned and UAV.
Ken Jackson 2
It doesn’t seem to have enough ground clearance to survive a hard landing.
Tim Dyck 2
ATRs have a similar landing gear and low clearance yet land on dirt runways in Northern Canada.
lynx318 2
Not exactly a lot of room in the wings for fuel tanks so in the fuselage then plus cabin space for pilot and passengers plus luggage, severely doubt it's twin engine. Going by the RED website it seems to have 3 turbos, one either side and one in front relevant to engine bay. With those engine covers off I can't see any evidence of the heat exchanger mentioned, or how one would work with the turbo layout. Looks like the offspring of the Spruce Goose and an A300-600 Beluga.
I'd hate like hell to over-rotate that ugly S.O.B.
Jesse Carroll 1
Thats why it has a tail skid!
cdinvb 4
Oh please. Lear Fan with some peculiar metabolic disorder that caused it to retain fluids.
What new technology can we expect? How about a biplane which is controlled by an operator lying prone on the middle of the lower wing.
lynx318 1
Thanks Orville
Jesse Carroll 1
Wonder if the DOOR holder is standard or a option? Think it's FAA approved? Also, hope the tail skid has a hook in it. That way it could land on carriers!...Just saying!
Stefan Sobol 1
Lear Fan died in part due to a lot of problems with the prop drive and transmission.
cdinvb 1
Oh yeah. Sorta sad under-engineering. One sees it in so many airplane designs. Some stuff looks like you just have to work it out after your best shot on paper. - And I'm not an engineer, nor do I play one. - Side note is that when the fuselage mock-up came through Denver, I went and had a look. Pretty airplane, what portion was there. Had a chance to talk shop with "Torch" Lewis of BCA.
Non-pilot but interested aviation novice here. What would be the purpose of something like this? I see one suggestion for high-alt surveillance or non-manned long flight. Any more commercial uses?

And could this technology be scaled larger? Seems pretty small for anything but purpose-built.
Jesse Carroll 1
Sorry, but that is one butt ugly bird! Just saying. Someone said years ago that if you put enough horsepower on a brick, it could fly! LOL
Leo Cotnoir 1
It looks quirky but hardly revolutionary.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Shenghao Han 1
Looks like a modern Cessna Caravan to me..
Roger Peck 1
Not really for an unimproved runway surface...
Tim Dyck 1
Why not? I land on dirt runways in Northern Canada and would like to know why you say this.
Jim DeTour -1
No real visibility. Nose doesn't have much if any room for radar. I'd guess seeing the tail arrangement with skid bar hanging down that if anything it's an attempt to sell it as an engine test bed or surveillance or tax write off with items going into personal possession.
siriusloon 5
I think there's a lot more visibility than "no real visibility". The pilot's position is forward and high relative to the windscreen.

A surveillance aircraft is unlikely to need a cabin anywhere near that size and there are easier ways to make a testbed for engines.

Rather than dismissing it as a fraud, how about the possibility that it's a proof-of-concept prototype, perhaps sub-scale?
David Carley 0
Um, no thanks.



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