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PAS19: American Airlines Orders 50 Airbus A321XLRs

American Airlines has found the replacement for its Boeing 757-200 fleet. Today, the airline placed an order for 50 Airbus A321XLR aircraft. The agreement between the Dallas/Ft. Worth-based carrier and Airbus states that 30 of these A321XLR aircraft are from slots originally assigned to AA’s previous A321neo order. The remaining 20 planes will be firm commitments. With this order registered into Airbus’ backlog, American Airlines has 115 Airbus A321neos and A321XLRs on order—more than enough to… ( 기타...

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I worked for American for a lot of years and the boeing 727 was the "workhorse"..then came the dc10 and the md 80's to replace the 727s"..the 747 was around for a while, but then that was retired as well..the fokkers were used briefly,and most of those routes were replaced with the md 80's..then came the 777 and 767 for long hauls and the 737 to replace retiring md 80's..well,now that us air is the holding company for American,airbus seems to be the plane of choice..fuel efficiency,cost of the aircraft, and ability to configure as needed is the corporate feeling,as well as the recent issues with the 737 max..i wish them well and hope the passengers like it...
Those planes have quite a long range.
Ever since Boeing move to Chicago they been behind the curve. 787 fires, MCAS on the max, metal on military tankers
s2v8377 -1
A very sad day for American Airlines with the A321XLR being ordered to replace the 757. I'm disappointed AA hasn't shown more interest in Boeing's NMA/797 like Delta and United. I guess like most things Parker and Isom did what they normally do, and went with the A321XLR because it's the fast and cheap solution.

The Airways article is terrible on accuracy. Both Delta and United are very interested in Boeing's NMA/797 as a 757/767 replacement. Delta has even expressed interest in being the launch customer for the NAM/797 and United was reported in the last week saying they didn't feel the A321XLR may not be a good fit for them too. As for Delta replacing the 757s with A321s that is also not correct. Delta is using their A321s to up-gauge and replace there fleet from MD88s and MD90s. Delta over the last 5 years have put big money into updating almost their entire 757 fleets with new cabins in addition to taking delivery of more second hand newer 757s.

One other thing to mention I really wouldn't call New York a hub for American anymore. AA has made it clear they have no interesting in the NY market and have totally divested JFK in favor of PHL. The A321XLRs will end up being PHL and MIA based. And like everything else based out PHL they will be a disaster.
I agree on the accuracy but I disagree on the "sad day for American". As a loyal American flier, while I don't like a lot of what Parker has done to the airline since UScareways came in, I do like the direction it has gone in terms of fleet renewal. Just yesterday, I was on both Boeing and Airbus metal out of DFW and CLT and the Airbus metal just was more comfortable and felt newer.

For a note of reference, none of the aircraft were pre-merger, they were all aircraft purchased post-merger.
Totally agree with you... those extra inches of comfort, specially if you are in economy, are always appreciated and favor my choice for Airbus.
John D 1
On comfort I agree, I think Airbus seats are way more comfy that Boeing seats.
I like the 757 as much as anyone, because of its performance. But I have to admit, it's just not a comfortable airplane in the back. I am glad they are getting the XLRs.
Well put S2V377
the lack of interest in nyc in favor of phl is because of the merger with us air..the big changes actually came about wth nyc years ago however, when american moved all of its corporate operations from there to the dallas area..
Sad Boeing can’t seem to keep up. What happened?


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