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American announces schedule of final MD-80 flights

Cue the tears! American Airlines has officially released a timetable detailing the final flights of its MD-80 fleet. ( 기타...

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well..goodbye old friend..they were the "worker bee" that replaced the 727..the long silver tube with that aa logo was hard to miss!
This is a sad event. The final AA Mad Dog flight.
The flight will be Sept. 4th as AA flight 80 from DFW to ORD.
Incidentally, the flight sold out almost instantly.
I wonder what prices those final tickets sold for...
Sorry to see the MD-80 go away. I've flown on MB-80's a few times, I thought it was more comfortable than a Boeing 757 when flying coach.
Yup. The reason was the 2-3 configuration. If you sat in the "2" side, there was no middle seat. Even if you are NOT sitting in the middle on the "3", the seats on either side are crowded by the middle passenger, armrest contention etc.
I'll miss those distinctive landing lights.
I wonder why the rush to put them out to pasture when the 737Max's may not be on-line until Christmas? Yeah, they're fuel guzzlers, but at least they can fly paying passengers. I guess I'm assuming AA has enough planes to take their place without cutting more flights.
Also the FAA is requiring airlines to train pilots in Enhanced Envelopes Training (EET). Which has more in-depth and “real” stall characteristics for high altitude upsets. Apparently AA didn’t update their simulators. The mandatory date is March 2020 for the pilots to complete the EET training.
Is American's management hiring Boeing people? The FAA provides rules, gives a reasonable deadline, and the the company doesn't pay attention.
The companies discontinued produce the parts for all MD80 series. This means more expensive for repair/maintenance. This is main reason why they retire MD80s much sooner than expected.
Since it has been approximately 28 years since Eastern stopped flying, it would appear unlikely that any of the older Eastern DC–9 Series -10, -20, -30, -40 and -50 that were built from 1965 thru 1982 (982 total aircraft), would be flying other than in military and government services.
What certainly appears to be killing modern, reliable, commercial aircraft faster than anything else appears to be the more efficient engine designs.
Engines are the most expensive components of commercial aircraft, and, fuel the greatest operating expense.
So, highly efficient twin jets are now the rule and will remain.
Also, new, more efficient engines are being developed much more quickly these days causing the eventual 747 end of production run.
Improved and highly efficient engines make current aircraft with low times and long lives ahead of them prematurely obsolete; because, fuel is the number one cost driver for airlines.
The number crunchers simply show the cost in fuel savings in comparison with the older aircraft, factor in depreciation, reliability, et cetera, and, show that early retirement of completely reliable aircraft is financially astute.
I wonder if this"80" is one of the birds AA picked up when they acquired Reno Air. If so, this may be the last Eastern Air A/C in regular service.
Since it has been approximately 28 years since Eastern stopped flying, it would appear unlikely that any of the older Eastern DC–9 Series -10, -20, -30, -40 and -50 that were built from 1965 thru 1982 (982 total aircraft), would be flying other than in military and government services.
I'll miss maybe the most comfortable plane for short haul routes.
Flew on an AA MD-80 from BHM to DFW & back. Fairly nice ride from what I remember
I'm glad I got to fly on these more than once.
Always a very smooth flight. On my last Md-80 flight I was bumped up to First Class from DFW-ABQ, seat 3B.
Well, Delta's still flying them!
Just stepped off a B717 flight and always enjoy the 717, MD90, MD88, MD87, MD80 and not so much the DC-9. One of the smoothest rides in the sky, wind noise is a negative and the strange bleed system is annoying. But it's a nice ride (way better than an A320).
Falconus 10
I thought it was a real shame when they ended the 717 program. I like that airplane.
Agree with you completely!
Boeing rationale: "Not invented here. See ya."
ADXbear 2
Flying will become plain Jane with a couple of models SWA
The end of the McDonnell Douglas connection in North American Aviation. Another one bites the dust.
The 727 was a safe, comfortable aircraft.
The MD-80 was safe...............good riddance.
Just booked mine on AA flt 80 DFW-ORD
Nultech 1
Just have to make do with the B-717 like Hawaiian airlines does. Similar configuration, similar economics, good ride.
mariofer 1
One of the few airplanes on which you can carry a normal conversation with the person next to you without having to raise your voice almost two thirds down the aisle.
darjr26 1
160.0, 149.5 and 130.0. Those numbers will be stuck in my head forever. I'm kind of glad.
Sad to see the end of an era. Flying on many European Airlines in the 80-90's, chances were good it would be either on an older DC 9, or the more modern MD-80. Whether it be Alitalia, Meridiana, Iberia, Aviaco or SAS. My all time favorite. My wife and I , when flying together, always booked the two seats together.
mbrews 1
Yes, they're rugged and Ive spent many hours on these birds. However, its well past time to trade them in for newer models currently supported by manufacturers. To my surprise, Allegiant phased out their MD series (smaller fleet) in 2018 , in favor of A320 series
Allegiant was having too many maintenance issues that contributed to their lousy safety image & record.
Resulting in their unreliable on-time departure/arrival times, customer service, F/A attitudes. One time was enough for me.
bdarnell 1
Time to put the angry puppy to bed. It served well.
good one,but not a puppy to me,, grown up DC-9.
You wouldn't miss that plane if you were a crew member and had to attach the girt bar to the slide to arm one of its' doors.
I flew these for the last 30 years. Always pretty dependable. And I always was in 3E. Loved the bulk head!
never cared much for the old bird - now a 747's last flight ...
Bur i know pilots loved it, becasue she flew like a sports car, and quiet up front
I preferred the rear seats, usually more room to lay down, and that whine/roar lulled me to sleep, it was music to my ears, after a bistro box lunch doing the cross word in the magazine.


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