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Cape to Cairo homemade plane project creators die in Tanzania crash

Two South African pilots behind a project that saw teenage students fly a homemade aircraft across Africa have been killed in a plane crash in western Tanzania, following a distress call reporting an engine failure. ( 기타...

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Cansojr 11
This is an utter tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with their families for this loss.
The excerpt of this article on the FlightAware com website says explicitly this was a plane following a "homemade aircraft" and yet the crash involved was not the "home made" craft. Therefore it is irrelevant to bring in "home made" into the conversation. I believe that is clickbait and also poor writing. Also, the term "home made" infers all parts of the plane were home made, as well.

The 2nd plane, flown by the students was not manufactured "at home". The Correct term should have been "kit plane", and again, has no place being mentioned in this article. The writer should have reported that the two men in the crash were founders of a charity that inspired teens to fly by putting together a plane from manufactured kits.

By making statements regarding "crash" and "homemade plane", it gives search engines irrelevant results to be shown and readers of summarized articles like it was found on FLIGHTAWARE.COM the wrong impressions regarding the true nature of the news reported.
You're 100% correct, there is a world of difference between "Home Made" and "kit Plane."
What a truly sad happening on such a noble venture. There are far too few people of this caliber on the planet.
I know their loss will be deeply felt but their lives should be greatly celebrated.
What kind of aircraft was the support plane that crashed? The headline is misleading: the EAB student airplane, flown by the students, was not the crash airplane.
bbabis 3
A true tragedy of lives lost in support of such a worthwhile goal. May their families and friends gain comfort from knowing that much good will come from this loss.
flyerh 1
I found the intro to the article deceptive inasmuch as in turning to the full article I realized it was not the young people that crashed, but a chase plane. I likely would not have turned to the full article if I had known that.
My heart goes out to all of their friends and families. The only positive that I can get from this is that they perished doing something that they loved.

A very sad tragedy.
Ron Nash -6
There was nothing "homemade" about the teenage students aircraft. It was a professionally-designed kitplane, and constructed with great technical skill by the students and their instructors.

The terminology in your article appears to be belittling these excellent students and their instructors, and insinuating they are all uneducated "backyarders", building an aircraft from scrap and salvaged auto parts, with no technical knowledge.
bbabis 6
Not sure what story you read Ron. The one in this squawk was accurate and belittled no one. They clearly are great young people and the loss of their mentors was truly tragic.
I think we read the same article Bill. There were a couple of 'vagaries' like what kind of aircraft the support plane was....but I didn't see anything but respect. But then again I wasn't looking for anything negative either as some are want to do.


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