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Boeing rival unveils airline in 100 regional jet deal

Mesa Air Group Inc., a regional carrier that operates flights for American and United airlines, has emerged as the potential buyer for up to 100 Mitsubishi jets. Phoenix-based Mesa Air Group said Thursday it has commenced formal negotiations with the Japanese jet maker to order 50 Mitsubishi Spacejet M100 regional jets, with the potential to acquire 50 more. The companies revealed their talks at the Regional Airline Association's annual conference in Nashville. Mitsubishi said its tentative… ( 기타...

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indy2001 4
Why is Mitsubishi a rival to Boeing only? Airbus is the one with the shiny "new" 220 to sell, but it's only mentioned at the end of the article. Also, no mention whatsoever of the specs on the plane that Mesa is looking to buy. Great journalism!
And instead of 737 MAX, the Airbus 320 NEO is the big winner.
lynx318 1
Not to mention the repeat of a whole paragraph.
If it's anything like their cars .... well yea no
SootBox 3
Mitsubish is a rival to Boeing like a Tijuana bodega is to Wal-Mart.
Not so fast, their planes are safe. Boeings 737 MAX cost 350 people their life in the first few months of its use.
So now do we have a new dog in the fight...?
From what little I have read, this aircraft could be a real competitor in it's class.
mkeflyer 3
Boeing Rival??? Mitsubishi is hardly a rival to any airframe manufacturer.
do you suspect that Mitsubshi has after all these years of development and delay at last has got this aircraft right? Mesa air group has taken a rather large leap of faith here. We shall see...
They also just bought Bombardiers regional jet operation.. there a lot of good tech and people there...
Boeing is toast, Trumps tariffs killed it off after the 737 MAX Debacle. For the coming 10 years Airbus will be global leader, but by then the Chinese will catch up and be global aircraft producer number one.
Lol these so-called journalists(activists) love making titles like "Boeing rival".
Rival?? The Mitsubishi Spacejet M100 is a rival only to the E170 and E175 produced by the Embraer/Boeing joint venture. The E175-E2 and the Airbus A220 (and all the bigger iron offered by Embraer, Boeing and Airbus) are too heavy and/or have too many seats to meet the present scope clause restrictions on regional airlines operating flights for the majors.
Would not fly Mesa on principle after their illegal activities in the Hawaii market.
Ron Nash 0
Let's trust that the Mitsubishi M100 is better designed, and less of a potent killer, than their deadly MU-2.


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