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China denounces U.N. aviation emissions plan in blow to industry efforts

China has denounced a landmark U.N. deal that caps emissions from international flights, in a setback for an industry eager to placate the growing international movement to curb air travel’s impact on the environment. ( 기타...

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yeah the hustle continues unabated even as the non-fake scientific evidence continues to accumulate exposing this hoax...tell the lies long enough and loud enough, it soon becomes "truth". Ask any lawyer...which is the critical mass of the political system and its methods. I'm with ChiComs on this one...and that is earth-shattering in my world as I remain vehemently anti-commie.

Yes, let's shame all those nations and our flying ability. You get'em Greta....ohhh, by the way, I have to ask which UN Plane did they send to pick you up so you could shame us...and once you landed in NY with their fleet of planes which limo did you take.....Thanks for the fight for global warming.

Now let's all hold hands and sing Kum-by-ya.

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According to a cynical report I read two members of the boat's crew were flown back to Europe from the US to and two replacements were flown from Europe to the US to sail the boat back.

There was no mention about her ongoing travel arrangements to Canada or South America, or the emissions from the diesel busses she sometimes uses. (Perhaps they have Volkswagen non-pollution disclosing computers).

She could have addressed the UN from behind a camera in her yurt in Sweden but apparently none of these thousands of climate activists who jet around the world to these scare-the-sheep conferences and meetings in exotic vacation spots is able to use any of the readily available video conferencing tools.
bentwing60 -2
Uhh, in a state of the art sailboat with a professional crew loaded to the gills with carbon fiber structural pieces and parts that are not exactly carbon-carbon neutral! She has flown everywhere else GA. She is a stunning example of Dunning-Kruger and you dims make her an idol! The autism doesn't help. But the drugs keep her tame and trainable. Seen a whiskey ad on tv lately? Think the drugs are better for you?
PLEASE do a TINY bit of homework on a subject before ridiculing this young lady.
The FACT IS, is that she SAILED the Atlantic for 3 weeks to get here, to NOT add to the problem, and travel responsibly.
If you MUST post a comment, try to make them less mean, for crying out loud.
A quick look at your posts makes me wonder why you’re so angry with everyone, all the time!

Take a deep breath, and try Googling a subject before posting once in a while. You may find it’s not what you thought.

Fact check.
Fact check.
Fact check!!!
I would like to know how anyone thinks that it would be possible to cap aircraft emissions without setting limits on the number / distance of flights, replacing old aircraft with newer more efficient ones, and in general totally restricting free trade
Given the number of people that can safely fit on one airplane, the per person fuel economy of most modern airplanes is comparable and in some cases better than cars.


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