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United flight diverted to free passenger trapped in bathroom

(CNN) — A United Airlines flight was diverted to Denver, Colorado, Wednesday night to free a passenger stuck in the bathroom. "The lavatory door became inoperative" during Flight 1554 from Washington, DC to San Francisco, according to a United Airlines statement. A female passenger was trapped inside. In Denver, "the passenger was safely removed from the lavatory after landing, and customers have since continued on to their destination on a new aircraft," the airline said. ( 기타...

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Since no one has posted the official ATC Communications for this incident I thought I might offer my slightly paraphrased rendition.

Denver Approach, be advised we are requesting a diversion to KDEN due to a mechanical issue.

Do you have an emergency United 1554?

Not in the strictest definition, Denver Approach. Apparently, we have a passenger trapped in the Crapper.

You advise a passenger trapped in the Crapper?

Affirmative Approach.

I hope United compensated her for the crappy flight.
Considering the flight arrived only 2:22 minutes after its scheduled time, she couldn’t tough it out in there for another hour and just let the flight continue on? Hardly an emergency.

Having a solo seat in the can is almost Economy Plus these days!

737-800 aircraft
if memory serves me right,those lavs are about the size of a small linen closet!you barely have room to pull things down or unzip in order to reach the "potty"!the door latches however,are pretty flimsy and hitting it hard seemingly would do the trick..probably the lady panicked!heck,you might even have enough room,(if you did it just right)to kick the door open..ual couldnt possibly charge her for aircraft damage!
Yeah... She could claim Panic Attack and no court in the world would deny her!
How did the door get stuck?
Probably exacerbated by operator error.
You would be surprised.... On the ground I got a call (As a Maintenance Controller) that the FO was stuck in the LAV and the door was stuck... I told the captain... All you have to have is 2 seated crew members to depart.... the captains reply: "Yeah.... But it's his leg to fly!" - We called out contract maintenance and they were able to free him to fly the plane...LOL.
Someone really couldn't kick one of those lav doors in to get them out.
Maybe the self-loading cargo was blocking the door? If you've ever been inside one of those torture chambers, you know there's not enough room to fart, let alone get away from the door.
Leo Aubry -2
The plane builder ?
What difference does that make? They get the washrooms from third party sources. If the plane was from Boeing, then we'd have to listen to the moaning about "fake news" from William Baker and Don Quixote and if it's not a Boeing, then they'd be doing victory laps as if they were personally responsible for it not being a Boeing jet.
Leo Aubry -1
The buck stops at the plane builder which accepted the deseing of the crapper. NO?


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