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Engine cowling opens after take-off, United Airlines Boeing 737 safely returns to Denver, U.S.

On 29 September, a United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N27239) operated domestic flight UA293 between Denver and Orlando, United States. The aircraft climbed to 10,000 feet but returned to Denver after the left hand engine cowling opened. ( 기타...

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Looks like it came unlatched from the bottom. Those latches should be checked by whomever did the walk-around, normally the FO at my company but could be the CA in some cases. To see those latches with the low engines you really have to hunch down and practically lay on the ground. Not saying this crew did but it's easy to get lazy and not look all the way down there. I know I'll be paying closer attention after this eh!
Yes... They are on the bottom and should have been noted on Walk Around.... My guess is that Maintenance had an issue before before getting to DEN that required the cowlings to be opened in the first place.
Who said it was an issue. It could have been general maintence. Heck it could have just came from the maintence hanger lol. But either way it should have been checked during the walk around and also im glad that everyone on the plane is safe.
yikes! the pictures of the cowling "flapping" in the wind were taken by a passenger and shown on the of it after landing looked like something from that old "twilight
zone", where the creature has been "nibbling" on part of the wing!it appeared bent and twisted...thank goodness the plane made a safe return to denver...
Looking my Crystal Ball of Maintenance, I see a Mechanic that just filed an ASAP.... Probably 2 or 3 of them!
What's an "ASAP"?
I like this 1 also,
*shrug* At least there's a process.
Oops... Untied strikes back.
@Robert Cowling - Condolences on the loss of your relative :(
Don't Worry.... A little bit if Composite Repair and a touch of paint will have it brand new in no time...
Why not just use some duck tape lol.
sam's has a special on "flex seal". 3 for $26.81 is now 3 for $19.91. just sayn.
racerxx 3
Was the affected party related to you?
djames225 offense to Robert, but that was a good spot.
Wait what. Did i miss something here rapid???
I think that somewhere someone is going to be in trouble.... I feel that the cowl was not latched correctly... As much as I hate to say it, I think that this will come down to a Maintenance Oversight. Those cowlings just don't come loose in flight.
Can’t think of everything!
Well they can't, you are right. But that should be a routine on their normal checks before takeoff.
fireftr not replacing your oil filler cap or tightening the drain plug when changing your oil!
I think EVERYTHING is important when it's main operation is in the air, off the ground!
96flstc 1
Perhaps FAR 25.1193 needs an update with some requirement for a lock/ unlock indication?
Oh, great. Another warning system! But I think not. This is a rare event. It is much more common on the A320 series. No one has been hurt because of any of these “cowling events” but it makes for great you tube videos.
airuphere -6
Must be Boeing’s fault no? Ahem
Engine Cowling coming loose... Boeing Fault... Joke???
It wasn't MH370, so I suspect it was tongue in cheek.
Agree some MX process didn't get 'closure'. ;-)
MH370 has several user names on this site. Just watch how things are posted and the trolls. And no im not one of them.


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