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U.S. committee seeks to interview Boeing engineer on safety of 737 MAX

A U.S. panel has asked Boeing Co (BA.N) to make an engineer available for an interview after reports that the worker filed an internal ethics complaint on 737 MAX’s safety and that the planemaker convinced the regulator to relax safety standards ( 기타...

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bentwing60 -7
So, I guess Mad Max and Hammerin "tippin island" Hank are tryin to figure out how to "peach" Boeing now! Can't get more Sarcastic than that and the ensuing down votes will be as well reasoned I'm sure.

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Y’know I’m pretty sure if the engineer has filed an INTERNAL ETHICS COMPLAINT for the safety of the 737 MAX, they wouldn’t try to lie to the committee to cover Boeing’s ass.
linbb -5
Gee ya think any of them know much more than what line to get in so they can fly on one? Doubt if any have worked on an airplane, know what it takes to make one or design one. Dumb deal waste of time and money to even hold such a farce. But hey MH the top TROLL on here keep posting from inside your cave.
WTH has MH's postings got to do with what a US committee wants?? And why is it such a dumb deal and a farce?? Should not the public hear from someone who does know about the inner workings?

The stench from D.C. these days would make whatever was said in public testimony in the house political the moment the Dim owned media (mis)quoted him or her!

"Rahm Emanuel - You never let a serious crisis go to waste...."

Seems old Rahm stole the quote from Sir Winston Churchill, but the dims. have been practicing this for some time. Even if they have to create the "crisis".


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