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Air Canada will no longer call passengers 'ladies and gentlemen'

Air Canada is changing its onboard announcement policies to refer to passengers as "everybody" instead of the gender-specific "ladies and gentlemen." ( 기타...

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Jeff Lee 7
Heard a rumor that Atlanta-based Delta Airlines was changing its announcement to "Hey, y'all"
I kind of like that.... "Yall All Ready to Board Yall's Plane in Jist A Minute!" - LOL
Political Correctness gone amok again.
Our federal election is this coming Monday.
Let's hope the worst PM in the world's history will get what he deserves.

But I doubt it TBH
Honestly, idk. Trudeau and Scheer are neck to neck at this point.
"Good afternoon, Canooks, and welcome aboard"...
I NEVER,in many years of working for an airline, had anyone complain about boarding announcements,gate announcements or the like,because we would say,"good morning (or good afternoon or evening)"ladies and gentlemen" this time I would like to invite those requiring assistance or extra time in boarding to step forward for pre boarding..(and that used to include those travelling with infants or small children)..then we would say, next for boarding id like to invite those seated in our first class/business section to board,rows 1- whatever,and our platinum or gold frequent flyers,then the rest of the cabin was boarded by group numbers or row numbers on the aircraft..all done politely,quickly and in order..heck, I even remember when there was still smoking sections on an airplane, and they were boarded early as smoking was in the rear portion of whichever aircraft was being used..this is just a bit too "politically correct", as most passengers just want to get on board and get seated..they arent really listening even to the row number or group number announcements!!!the closest to the "hey y'all I ever heard was on southwest as they used to pride themselves n "folksy,friendly" service to all, with no first class!
You're totally right! But...

In this crazy PC world, you only need one degenerate out of 10,000,000 filing a complaint to the airline, and they will make sure "it" rules!!!

“Excuse me, that everyone needs assistance”
OMG... What next.... I know if I get the opportunity to fly them... I won't... that is just stupid! God Made Man and Woman... Democrats made all the rest!
If I hurt anyone feelings with that... TOO Bad.. Go and fill out a "Hurt Feelings Report"
Sparkie.......that form just caused me to spit coffee all over my computer/desk, thank you for sharing that!
It gets funnier as it goes on. that is awesome
That is so hilarious!!! That definitely made my day
That is a riot, Sparkie!
Dang! Love this form!
Wow, this is the best!
That is friggin’ AWESOME!!! I’ll have to print up a few to have on hand!!
After I fill it out should I fax it to you directly or would you prefer as an e-mail attachment? ;)
Either Or... Someone here doesn't appreciate my humor... I got a Down Vote on it... LOL - We used to hand them out at work until a Trans got offended.... and someone offered him a form! LOL
Well I thought it was great sparkie except for that question asking about whiners sex, maybe a bit too discriminatory don't you think ??????????
Otherwise this should become a mandatory form before any further investigation is required.
I am thinking maybe the down vote was from someone who didn't follow the link and see the form.
The form didn't confine the applicant to male or female.
Feeling rule! Even if my feelings change with the barometer, altitude, coffee, and especially with my gut flora.
The world is getting crazier by the minute.
"Ladies and Gentleman" is pretty much a classic start for an airline's passenger announcements.
Or at least it was... Once one airline changes, they all have to follow suit it seems like!
This seems a small and trivial change. One would have to be easily triggered to pitch a fit about it.

There will likely be some humorous moments as a long time crew member begins, "Good morning, Lad . . uh . . everyone . ."
Ladies and non-ladies,...
Every corporation is about to have training on gender neutral nouns. Welcome to the new world. No more men’s or women’s bathrooms.
Yeah.. How stupid... I actually have a warning letter in my file because accusations were that I called a He a He when the He wanted to be called a She! What is this world coming to....!
s s 1
At the university they removed all the men's and women's rooms and made them "gender neutral". In doing so, they removed all the urinals (the sight of a urinal must be offensive). The result is once fairly clean bathrooms are now so disgusting using them is an exercise in filth.

The biggest complaints of the new arrangement are from the women forced to sit on seats men don't want to touch to raise when they take a leak and, in general, most of the women don't even want men in the same area when they're doing their business.

Sometimes, it's best to to leave well enough alone and leave it up to the individual what bathroom to choose.


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