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All-Boeing Southwest Airlines May Look at Airbus After 737 MAX Woes

Southwest Airlines has had an all-Boeing fleet since it began flying 48 years ago, but that could change. CEO Gary Kelly said Thursday that the company's board has directed him to look at getting planes from other aircraft makers, which would almost certainly be Boeing's European rival, Airbus. ( 기타...

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It’s been reported like 20 times, it’s just a media ploy to pressure Boeing. The cost incurred by the grounding is minor compared to the cost to - update airport support equipment, pilot training, sims, mechanic certs, parts, etc... doubtful it will happen.
Many companies do multi manufacturers aircraft. What’s the problem.
What a disaster if it was only Boeing and Mostly A Max..A/C fitted airline.
bizprop 2
Kelly and the Southwest Board sending Boeing a strong message that they expect to be compensated for the loss of revenue while the MAX has been grounded.
Yes but they’ve done it monthly for the last 6 months.. showing their hand as all talk
That’s ironic. As much as I love SWA, it’s been a player in the 737 development problems. By holding it back for a good 20 years!! It was only in the last decade that SWA allowed the incorporation and use of many of the advanced features as the flight deck developed. Under the heading is “same fleet” “less training” less cost.

How would any of the SWA pilots ever adapt to Airbus technology. Only Delta has ever been successful in embracing varietal products.
As in the words of our great Commander-in-Chief .... "FAKE NEWS!"
Oh quit it, just quit it. Southwest is NOT buying Airbus. For the love of god.
seriously lol
I second this motion. Southwest has been Boeing for 43 years there not gonna change today or tommorow.
Intend to disagree. Things change, airlines and economics change. I think the A220 makes sense for SWA. Especially for the really short haul routes like HOU-DAL. The A220 will always be a Bombardier to me.
Me too!
Well said.. what is this like the 5th time we’ve had to post this lol..
Kobe Hunte -2
No way. When they get such good deals from Boeing and they would switch and pay way more for Airbus??
McDonald Douglas types that ruined Boeing should be ashamed and resign. All of them.
You must mean the McDonald types. Leave Douglas out of this!
What are you on? What the Fn MDC got to do with anything moron?
ncr1jec -3
Southwest has been successful with this business model, why would you change that. The board needs to open their eyes and look back at their success over the years. Why is it when bad things happen companies want change. I understand the concern so this does not happen again, big mistake Boeing made. Boeing has been successful building planes without this system, leave it out of the build and get back to basics. Board members are advisory positions, CEO Gary Kelly, you run the ship leave it alone you have been successful the way things are!
If they're not going to be able to have a single thpe rating, they may as well buy something they can use.
ADXbear 0
Smart move.. send the Max to schools and such fire those FAA more comp mgmt that made sweet deals.. finally SWPA AND ALPA pilots union boards MUST condem or support the max.. the public is waiting for the pilots reactions..
SW would lease older 737’s before the bought another type
Roy Hunte -5
That would be strange🤔
s2v8377 -3
As many others have written how many articles are going to be written about this without Southwest making any serious moves to fly anything but the 737.


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