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Pilot activates hijack squawk code in transponder while teaching procedures

he company which owns Spain's Air Europa airline says the pilot that set off an accidental hijacking warning in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport was teaching procedures to a junior pilot at the time. Globalia said Thursday the pilot keyed in the code by mistake as the plane bound for Madrid was preparing for takeoff Wednesday. The alert triggered a big security operation at the airport. No one was injured. The company said in a statement Wednesday that the passengers informed by the crew that… ( 기타...

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He was giving his copilot a full demonstration of what happens if you squawk 7500.
A good thing he wasn't demonstrating to the copilot what happens when you crash?
Aren't you suppose to keep those" 3 " sqawk number secret..and more so the one you just posted..!!
It's published in the AIM. My copy isn't marked secret.
jptq63 5
How about just squawking 0666 when all hell is breaking loose....
Then we would be seeing that one every day!
It's a really tightly kept secret
You are obviously right... I'm "old school".. But that's what I remember being told ...when I join my airline in 1975... LOL..!
If I remember right, airline captains were issued with a card which listed secret radio codes for the flight in case of problems. This may have been certain airlines only however and I have never seen one myself.
What I do know is that there is usually a code phrase for use between the cabin chief and cockpit in case of problems.
There was something similar to that in the 50s and 60s for international flights, at least coming from the Pacific. You picked up a packet in Hawaii, and it had certain authentications and check turns to execute (Flight XXX, execute check turn 1). If you blew a check turn or authenticator, then Air Defence Command would scramble an intercept, and your airline was billed for the cost of the intercept.
garmanuav 10
Nothing secret about them. My instructor made me memorize them this way: 75 -guy with a knife, 76- need your radio fixed, 77 - going to heaven
Never thought of it that way... Good way to remember!
bbabis 4
I thought the first thing a controller was supposed to say is "Confirm squawk code." The pilot's reaction to that statement is what should trigger the security operation or fix the squawk. Simply dialing up 7500 should set off control room bells but that should be as far as it goes if handled correctly. Maybe there is more to the story as far as the crews actions.
We had code phrases in US Army Aviation, they were secret, but some were silly...also "when you can't demonstrate...simulate" that's all he did!
Sorry for the mistake, supposed to start out with 'The'
I remember ground school, 'Only do this on the hour, and only for a few seconds. You do not want to leave it on 7500 for more than a minute, and definately check with ATC if you forget. Same with the ELT. Someone triggered their ELT, and they system found them, on the apron. Boy, were they surprised!'
Also, always told my students to never cycle the squawk code for the first cell through "7", always go the other way 'round!
And why was the pilot teaching the junior pilot the key codes on an active flight already filled with passengers? The junior pilot should already know the procedures and how to key the code in. That's what training classes and simulators are for. At that point, the senior pilot should only have to remind the junior pilot what the code is. At least this provided a great test for the airport security team.
I am sure he has already been asked that question by more than 1 person.... Would be interesting to hear his answer!
ADXbear 1
Woops... good drill for all.
Used to be the transponder was in stby so an inadvertent selection caused no issues. However, now that the unit has to be selected on all the time.......Ooooooops?
I see a lot of 7600 & 7700 instances when a FlightRadar24 notification pops up.


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