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The Airplane That Isn't

Boeing bet the future on the 737. Did it lose. And while the 737 is a lot of things, a 757 it's not! ( 기타...

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s20609 1
Evidently the 737 meets the financial needs of the airlines. Clearly you characterize the 757 as a specialty aircraft (also a 707 child) that lost its luster years ago because the world's aviation network advanced into the remaining third world countries. As an example, in the 80's and 90's the 757 was used in China because outlying airports did not provide refuleing resources. (Round trip on one Tank of fuel). ... I get it, I also have favorite aircraft; It's tough getting old!
linbb 0
Thanks for playing now go TROLL somewhere else. Who cares what you think.
You did. You replied. Now who is the troll?


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