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Boeing 777-200LR Potentially Offered to Qantas as a Temporary Project Sunrise Solution

Following program delays with the Boeing 777X, it is being reported that Boeing has potentially offered the 777-200LR to Qantas as a temporary Project Sunrise solution. First reported by Airline Ratings, sources from the United States have said Boeing is offering the 777-200LR as an interim solution whilst they get the 777X program back on track. ( 기타...

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Zak cook 5
i mean, that could be a good alternative.
I'm 100% certain that Qantas will reject the proposal. The 777-200LR doesn't meet their requirements -- they don't want to be flying the route unless there can be a butt in every seat.
It is a temporary and immediate solution that will in many ways be subsidized. Qantas would be naive to not give it a look. I am sure Boeing will do almost anything to keep Qantas from going to Airbus.
Qantas will just push back the project until a suitable aircraft becomes available. They don't want to be losing money on every flight because they can't load up the plane and still make the flight non-stop.

The only way I can see them using the 777-200LR would be in a spacious configuration with all First Class and Business Class seating, and charging a premium on top of the normal Kangaroo Route fare to make the flights economically viable. Business travelers for whom time is critical might go for that, but the question is whether there are enough of them to fill a plane.
You definitely missed the part where Boeing offered a subsidy. We don't know the details of it but I am sure Boeing is doing something really costly to rival Airbus.
Whatever they do must be legal from a competitive standpoint. Boeing can't be paying Qantas to fly people halfway around the world at a loss just to keep them from buying Airbus aircraft.
Chris B 6
Exactly. Thats called dumping and will end up in court. EEC has been itching to get their own back against Boeing ever since they went after the A220, USAF refueling tanker etc.
I thought for now the Project Sunrise was an experiment done with their employees on endurance for future revenue flights. I'm sure they're wanting to profit somehow off it, but for now it's not about filling seats. LOL, I've never had the pleasure of flying Qantas so I'm not sure how bad they're hurting for revenue.
They aren’t hurting for revenue or profit at all at the moment. They want to offer non-stop flights as a competitive advantage — it is faster and cheaper to not make a stop in Dubai or another location. If passengers can put up with being on a plane that long, it will save them time and money. Qantas just needs an aircraft capable of making the trip fully loaded, and right now neither Boeing nor Airbus have a suitable model available.


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