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Are cell phone calls on airplane flights inevitable?

The technology to support midair cell phone calls exists right now. Just about every plane that offers WiFi has the bandwidth to support voice over the internet, and several international airlines allow voice calls on certain routes already. ( 기타...

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Mike Mohle 12
Still a very bad idea IMO. Just like having conversations in elevators and restrooms that can be heard by everyone, close quarters in a packed airplane where one cannot escape will lead to inevitable fights and maybe aircraft diversions, wasting everyone's time. I have received VOIP calls inflight as well, always immediately disconnect and keep my volume at 0 just in case. Also, one never knows when business competitors are sitting in the adjacent seats!!!!!
my tactic, when forced to listen to some jerk having a loud cell phone converstation, is to assume he and I are having the phone conversation, by answering what he is talkiing about, filling in the one way conversation, and quickly the offender gets what I am doing, and either shuts up or gets embarassed enugh to shut up. I don't feel much respect is due any fool who imposes his conversation to all within earshot. This idea of phone calls on airliners is all wrong, unless the technology can support texting or email over a laptop. This will get vicious somewhere, sometime.
wx1996 4
It is already possible to place VOIP/WiFi calls from flights. They actually have great quality, using Skype, T-Mobile WiFi calling, Fuze, WebEx, GoToMeeting etc. all work for calls. Most inflight WiFi is not blocking VOIP and Video Conference packets, and the one blocking these packets can be by passed with a VPN connection. They have been great to listen in on training session.

You do not need inflight Cell coverage to place calls. With T-Mobile WiFi other than connecting to inflight service you do not need to do anything special. I was shocked when I received a call inflight while surfing the WEB.
Does anyone here remember the Phones that were mounted in the back of the seat and corded.... LOL.. Remember working on those things... Hated them - Glad to say it was a Fad that did not seem to last too long.
As much as I hate that idea... I am sure it is going to happen! It is a stupid idea, so people are going to push it... And personally, when I sit beside someone on a phone... I will be distractive... LOL
bbabis 1
With today's cradle-to-grave cell phone use, the answer is YES.
Chris B 1
What ever happened to talking to your seat mate? Try it sometime, esp on a long distance flight.
Or being quiet and reading a [real] book, those days are gone LOL.
Then so are fights, shouting, screaming, and other bad manners.

It should be avoided at all costs...
Try it. You’ll hate it. The satellite latency is brutal. This is coming from someone who was using the same technology the airlines are using (Viasat) for the past four years. It’ll work with hellacious delay. The latency is on the order of 600-700ms.
scott8733 -1
I'd much rather be stuck next to snorin' guy, smelly feet guy, BO guy, stinks like stale cigarette smoke guy- hell I'll even take drunk guy.....than I ever want to be next to "on the phone for 3hours straight talking about nothing at rock concert decidel levels guy"

If anyone thinks they're that important to talk on the phone when flying - get a NetJets account please.


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