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Airbus Delivers First A350 With Touchscreen Cockpit

Airbus has delivered the first A350 with cockpit touchscreens to China Eastern Airlines. following European certification in November. Airbus is offering airlines the option to adapt three displays in the A350-900 and A350-1000 to touchscreens, which will allow for fluid flow around the cockpit in an intuitive fashion. Available to adapt are the two outermost displays, generally responsible for electronic flight bag information, and the lowest of the two central displays, which act as a… ( 기타...

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jetserf 7
Time to buy stock in screenwipes.
bartmiller 11
Not a fan of touch screens in the cockpit. I find them awkward to use in turbulence.

Garmin has moved in that direction. Gives you more screen space but I like the mechanical feedback of knobs and buttons. Let’s me take my eyes of the screen ... you know, to keep up your scan.

And in light planes in the winter, you need special gloves to work with the screen.
Touch screens in my case a Tesla Model X are not easy to use even in rather mundane driving on roads let alone in the cockpit of an airplane.
What could possibly go worng?
One step closer to the whole pilotless idea. Its really great all this. Automated cars = no taxi drivers to pay. Ditto with this, only pilots. Automated mines. FanTASTIC! Let's eat jobs.
Just because technology exists to make these "new features", that does not mean they should be used. On my navigation system in my automobile, it takes 5 steps on the touch screen to get to the weather map. ....not something to do while driving. There are many other examples as well.
On my Honda CRV, to turn the air conditioning on/off, I have to push a button to get to the touchscreen display and then tap the screen a couple of times to get it to work. Retard retard retard.
How many times have you touched the wrong GUIE (icon) on your iPad or spilled something on it.
Reminds me of the Gary Larson cartoon, "wings fall off/wings stay on" switch.
Plenty and when you need to go back the program is searching. Don’t need this when I need to make a split decision. Let’s just keep this as a last resort.
Oh no...
I remember driving on a long road trip in my car, and the sun was shining through the sunroof onto the touch screen. Eventually the screen got so hot, that it would not register a command. I would think the same thing could happen in an aircraft.
Luckily it looks like they are keeping the manual buttons and trackball as a backup.
Welp, you won't find me on this A350...
Oh I see. First thing you do when boarding is checking the cockpit out :-)
Welcome to the 21st Century A350!
Quick give me Manual override . theirs is no suggestion of a manual escape if trouble occurs , in this Presentation .
What happens if there's a power failure at a critical time? Hmmm.


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