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Has Iran Found A Way Around U.S. Sanctions On Aircraft Deals?

Iran is due to receive three Airbus planes in the “very near future”, according to the country’s transport minister Mohammad Eslami, as quoted in the local press. ( 기타...

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These sanctions are all TRUMP'S BS, Iran is no more a threat than CUBA, and he has some kind of travel sanction on them. Get rid of this BUMB, and we all will be much better off
There is always a way to get around anything. Capitalism insures that there will always be someone somewhere who will try to profit from 'getting around' any government sanctions.

Dick Cheney was dealing with Iran and several other middle eastern countries that had active international sanctions, and he ended up being vice president!
I thought he was doing the While he WA VP
Probably, party affiliation and corruption in DC are Not mutually exclusive.


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