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ADS-B proving its value and benefits on North Atlantic Tracks

Use of Space-based ADS-B over the North Atlantic began in spring 2019. The results have been impressive with the Aireon system exceeding industry standards for service provision, with clear improvements in safety performance and with more flights receiving requested flight levels, speed and routes. “The deployment of space-based ADS-B is the beginning of a global revolution that is already showing its promise by delivering enhanced safety, efficiency and environmental benefits,” says Neil… ( 기타...

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dee9bee 10
Glad to hear it. I'm retired now but ADS-B might have saved a little of my hearing, not having to make all those position reports back in the day. Then again, there were also those rock concerts...
It is costly, but it is also well worth it. Glad it is working out.
Lost aircraft and mid-air collisions are also costly.
Will this system make it possible for flights to fly more efficiently to their destination? I have noticed that when I approach Amsterdam from across the Atlantic the plane first flies towards the actual airport location. Above the North Sea a sharp turn North is made and a 2 * +/- 30 mi loop is made before landing. I would think that this last loop is completely avoidable by setting a course directly towards the 'end of the queue'. By adjusting the plane's speed the timing could also be made correct.
Yes, because by knowing the position and speed of an aircraft more precisely, ATC can safely allow them to be closer to each other without increased risk of collision. This in turn allows more aircraft to fit at any one altitude, so more aircraft an operate at their most fuel efficient altitude during the flight. (This is usually the highest altitude, and it changes as the aircraft burns off fuel and gets lighter during the flight.)
Efficiently no, as a matter of fact it cost more... But greatly increases safety... The reason that I say this is:
1.) It allows 2 a/c in close proximity to know if they are in danger of each other
2.) The 2 planes (or more than 2) communicate directly, make a decision and advises the crew or a/p to divert also giving a message to the crew in most cases.
3.) Reason I say it costs more is that when it has to move off course, could cost a little more in fuel.
I believe you are referring to TCAS, an aircraft based system that allows 2 or more aircraft to “talk” to each other, and direct the crews in collision avoidance.
I hope they have triple power back-up, because if that goes down at any particular airport, things could get real ugly, real fast. Oakland, LAX, and John Wayne all have been down in the last 6 months. Only John Wayne had the control tower go down. Folks on this site routinely comment about pilots depending too much on technology to fly the plane.
I hope Iridium has replaced their sats because that's some OLD technology. But good for them to find a great use for them.


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