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Denver International Airport Will Add Outdoor Patios For Travelers

DENVER (CBS4) – Passengers and aviation enthusiasts rejoice! Soon, there will be four new outdoor patios for travelers to enjoy. The patios are part of DEN’s gate expansion project. B Concourse will get two patios, one on the east side and one on the west side. A Concourse will see one patio on the west side, and C Concourse will get a patio on the east side. All patios will be past the security checkpoint and only available to ticketed passengers. ( 기타...

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This is the kind of thing that you dont know is great until you have been to one. Flying out of GSP the other day we took advantage of thiers to sip our coffee in the sunshine and listen to jets taxi and takeoff. More airports should consider this inside of security!
Why only inside security. If they put one outside of security for the public, I'd go just to watch planes or have a place to sit and wait if I'm meeting someone at the airport. I recall both ORD & MDW having outside observation decks years ago. Not patios per se, but they had telescope you would put a quarter in. A patio sounds great.
john doe 1
Perhaps because having it outside security would encourage people to "hang out" at the airport - a potential security risk.
"Potential security risks" are ruining our lives. It's time to stop being afraid and just go about our business. Otherwise, terror wins and we lose.
Chris B 2
Use GSP every so often.
Thank god the construction is almost over. As regional airports go, its pretty good.
The MIA hotel has (had) an open area at the top of their hotel. It was setup as a walking/jogging track, and it really was awesome to go up and do laps before beginning the trudge of air travel. Watching planes coming and going is relaxing. So many airports try to block views of the airport activity.

Denver has a beautiful airport, and should show it off. The airport where I grew up had an 'observation deck' that stretched across the entire front facing the apron, and it was so interesting to watch the planes coming and going when I was with my dad when he was working as a security guard. There were a few kids like me that hung out there, and broke in to the pay toilets, and helped people with their luggage. Memories...
These are so nice. I wonder why there are so few of them.
dee9bee 2
Increased security pretty much killed them. As I recall, the trend to close them actually started prior to 9/11. At any rate, I feel fortunate to have photographed from decks from La Guardia to San Francisco and even Monterey and Orange County CA back then. T think the deck at the Theme Building at LAX is still open on weekends but is a bit hard to get to.
Zurich airport has great outdoor viewing areas on the roof of their Terminal A. One of the best parts of it was that it was positioned shortly after rotate on one of the main take off runways. It had kid entertainments as well as refreshments. Bags had to be left in lockers and you had to go through a metal detector but other than that it was easy to access.

I miss that airport. Fantastic for airplane spotting in several places!

And don’t fall for non-secure areas as a security risk. After all there is always the perimeter about scaremongering!
Can we escape the CNN monitors there?
I will be betting this will be the smoker/vapeing area as well as the pet dedication and peeing area.
There should be a fee, say $1000 per visit, if you wish to smoke or vape on these patios. Smokers and vape idiots should and will simply die, right? Isn’t that why they smoke/vape? To hurry up their demise?
DEN already has pet bathrooms. I can see it as a smoking area, tho
Lets see... A patio area at DEN so you can go out and smoke... Hey! the stuff is legal there and a mile high
Not allowed to smoke pot in public. Please only consume that stuff in your own home, per the law.
There used to be corner areas where concourses adjoined that had outside patios that also allowed smoking.
Don't hold your breath, the DIA "Great Hall" overhaul is years behind schedule and hundreds of millions in over-run cost.
The project is stopped now, while they select a new contractor, yes?
Why not? The Westin there hosted an ice rink over the holidays


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