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Man Who Threw Coins Near Jet Engine For Good Luck Slapped With $17,000 Fine

It’s never a good idea to throw coins near jet engines for good luck. Back in February 2019, first-time flyer Lu Chao threw two 1 yuan coins near the engine of a Lucky Air Airbus A320neo as a sign of good luck. Lu Chao threw the coins when he was boarding flight 9960 operating from Anqing (AQG) destined to Kunming (KMG), but was quickly spotted by ground officials and detained for questioning. ( 기타...

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Greg S 6
When modern technology meets a population just emerging from its superstitious past.
btweston 4
Yeah televangelists are creepy.
Wow, Talk about throwing money away. He did great
Perhaps if you're not boarding from jetbridges/jetways you need to post a member of ground staff (or the Flight Engineer or on long haul flights the Navigator) in front of the boarding side engine to prevent this.
He's flying on Lucky Air. He wasn't so lucky.
He was very lucky indeed that the coins didn't get ingested.
perhaps throwing a few handfuls of salt over his shoulder would have been a better move..that is supposed to bring good luck as well,but I dont think that is an oriental custom!
btweston 1
I think we say Asian now.
Where does his Brain rest I wonder ? when he starts to board an Airliner !!! I bet those already ON the plane were hopping mad about that stupid act.
btweston 1
You are a crusader for justice.
How many ruined business meetings and vacations have airline flight cancellations and delays been responsible for?

I have sympathy for this guy, who didn't know how jet engines work (how many people do?) and who was clearly not motivated by malice. I have sympathy for the other passengers who missed their flight as well. I have NO SYMPATHY for the airline. Airline carriers stick it to consumers left and right--this snafu just feels like poetic justice to me.
The guy didn't really know any better. Probably some old guy, stuck in traditions of the day. It was his first time flying as well. It could have been handled better by ground crew and we probably wouldn't have heard anything about it.
racerxx 1
28 years old isn’t old.
Oops, didn't read the part he was 28. The guy still probably didn't know anything about FOD or how jet engines work. I've seen people do some stupid stuff, but if it doesn't look terroristic, I don't go running to TSA about it. I'll joke about it with my pilots though. I guess my old Air Force training kicks in and the potential threat ends with me before it gets in my cabin.
some sort of prison time or onerous community service might also have help make the point here that such behavior is most unlucky, and coins will not restore good luck.
This is probably the cause of the German built Trent 1000 problems.


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