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Nashville tornado damage includes destroyed airport, collapsed homes as death toll climbs

As daylight broke across the greater Nashville area Tuesday, the devastation from a tornado that tore through parts of the city under the cover of darkness was revealed. At an airport, small jets were tossed. ( 기타...

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bbabis 15
Very tragic loss of lives and lives altered. We wish the best for Nashville's quick recovery.

!n 97 I deviated around a seemingly benign small cell to land at TYS and had the plane put away in its hanger. 30 minutes later that cell spun off a small tornado the destroyed our Falcon 10 and several others in the hanger. Weather happens. Nothing can be done about it.
Parrish 11
Give or take a year, in 1974 I lost a brand new PA-28 to a tornado that skipped across BNA. Picked up and slammed down at the tiedown. Mother Nature can be cruel. Loss of life this time around is very sad. Best wishes to all of Nashville.
springtime storms are here..i wish those affected the best with recovery efforts..its a frightening experience...
Mother Nature is going to do what it wants to do. The best a human can hope for is to get out of the way. The April 2011 tornado outbreak hit St. Louis Airport hard. It tore up the concourse and "moved" three planes on the tarmac filled with passengers away from the jetways. No one was killed, but 4 planes had mild to significant damage.
Ken Hardy 3
Material things can be replaced, lives are gone forever, its a tragedy but a part of human existence and points out how you must be thankful for every day of like because it can end quickly RIP for those who are gone
As a Nashville resident, the damage from this tornado is on par with the outbreak of tornadoes on 16 April 1998. It has been horrific. This tornado cut a half mile wide swath of destruction, and was on the ground for over 50 miles.

Our Electric power company, Nashville Electric service posted a statistic this week - April 1998 tornadoes broke 200 power poles. Monday's tornado destroyed nearly 700.

John C. Tune Airport (JWN) just west of downtown was heavily damaged, estimated costs over $90 million to restore it to fully operational status. And that does not include damaged and destroyed aircraft.

Many charitable organizations would be glad to accept donations if you would like to help. I personally am working with Operation BBQ Relief, where we prepare and distribute hot meals to those affected by the storm and first responders.

Also the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is a great resource for distributing donations.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Sending prayers to the good people of Nashville. This was quite devestating as the tornado was on the ground for nearly an hour and hit parts of the downtown area,
8 April 1998 Oak Grove, AL tornado killed 32 in West Central Jefferson County (Birmingham), It lifted then set back down a few miles later where it killed two more. Had it not lifted, it would have scored a direct hit on BHM Airport

I have had friends who were forced into the lower level of BHM due to tornadoes in the area
Well said Bill. Haven't flown any of the Falcons (unfortunately) but am Type rated in the Lear.

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What is your major malfunction? You and MH370 drink from the same glass?
bbabis -2
Where can I buy some tornado seeds?

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dav555 15
I always like to use actual facts to counter the climate change hype and hysteria: there have been fewer tornadoes from 1990s-present than there were from the 1950s-1990s. There have also been roughly the same number of hurricanes from the early 1900s until now. Please stop with the fearmongering.
Right after the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, (with it’s poster of a giant hurricane) the inconvenient truth was that we had one of the quietest decades recorded for hurricanes. Data.
cowboybob 8
wow...another "climate change/global warming/global cooling/next ice age" troll strikes fear into the minds of non-believers....get lost loser.
bbabis 4
I don’t feel bad for you Robert. You chose to be Chicken Little. Life is good and getting better. That is unless you’re a democrat. Blue skies and tailwinds.
Tragic and praying for all victims But as long as houses are built with plywood and matchsticks this will repeat itself again and again, the price of these is like if they were built with steel!!
travistx 3
There aren't many types of construction that can withstand an EF-3 tornado.
Out in Oklahoma, it’s recommended that people get below ground or have a well fortified safe room


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