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American Airlines Goes The Extra Mile To Reunite Passenger With Her Father Just Before He Passes

American Airlines has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, but here’s a positive story showing that there is still love within the airline. ( 기타...

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sparkie624 14
Way to go American...
Compassion still exists - Blessings to all who made this happen - God Bless !!!
Compassion never goes away.

Unfortunately, not all situations allow its expression. In those situations, the various methods of expression of *the wish to be compassionate* can still be the most compassionate thing to do. Although not as heartwarming as getting a daughter to her dying father's bedside, it is still compassion, compassionate, and worthy of—if I can drop an L-bomb, here—love.
ADXbear 8
Nice story American. Good job, we need positive stiries these days
Nice job American and compassionate crew. This is how a business should treat its customers. It is unfortunate in this day and age that this is more the exception than the rule.
mariofer 6
I was on the exact same situation in December 2006. Unfortunately the outcome was very different with another airline, which will remain nameless. (My dad always told me, mention the sin not the sinner).

I was trying to get from MIA to PSP before my father passed away but my flight out of MIA got delayed 2 hours because of weather at HOU, my connecting airport. When we got there, the gate agent at the arriving gate told us our flight to PSP had already left and we were booked on the next flight 3 hours later.

When we got to the departing gate, my original flight was beginning to board. I explained the situation to the gate agent, but she said I was already booked on the next flight and she could put me on this one. She actually asked if I had proof my father was dying. My father passed away while I was boarding the next flight 3 hours later.

I am glad there are still a lot of people in the Airline industry that do compassionate things like what this AA crew did, and I am sure there are tons of beautiful acts of kindness like this one that we just don't hear of.

Thank you to this AA crew and for posting this story. It reassures me all I had was bad luck.
So sorry for your loss and bad experience
mariofer 2
Thank you Antonello. Grateful my father lived a full life.
Great story.
This brought back memories of my own Olde Man, & my hat is off to the Crews that made it happen.
I don’t get misty eyed very often, but this one got me good.
Empathy & a little compassion go a long way, & make a huge difference.

My father used to say “Do something nice for someone today, but don’t let anyone know you did it.” I miss that man!
Excellent outreach American to a grieving daughter. Well done, never forgotten.
Companies are made of humans not only for machines and rules , good Job American .
I hate when someone drops an onion in front of me when I read stories like this.

Sympathies to Ms. Thomas and her family.
Congratulations American Airlines, and to all your employees who went more than the extra mile.
Compassion is what this country needs the most. Those captains, crew, and ground personnel brought fresh air to the airline business. Thanks.
Nice to see some good news regarding passenger flights and especially American. Good job American folks!
Thank You American Airlines to the crew members of those two flights My condolences to you Deana and family God Bless.
Sure makes me more likely to book with American Airlines, but I suspect there are quite a few of these types of stories across the industry that never get the media attention.
Good job, captains and crews.
At least American does something great for once.
Abieshan, I have worked for AA for 30 years. At ORD, MIA, DFW and HDQ. I have witnessed and been part of daily encounters with our passengers where we have gone the extra mile. The majority don't get the media attention and we are ok about this. None are done for media attention. And thanks for flying American Airlines.

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It's okay, Andrew.


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