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Most of the world’s airlines could be bankrupt by the end of May

Most of the world’s airlines will be bankrupt by the end of May due to the ongoing effects of coronavirus, CAPA have warned. CAPA Centre for Aviation made the dramatic prediction as countries lock down their borders in light of the spread of COVID-19 which has caused more than 170,000 infections and 6,500 deaths around the world. ( 기타...

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Right now, the markets are looking at balance sheets. If an airline is fairly debt free, they have a better chance of coming back, and getting government support. If they were on life support before the virus, they will probably be gone. That applies to all the industries that are tanking: entertainment, food service, cruise lines. Bankruptcy courts will be very busy this summer and fall.
Debt free airline? What's that?
Well, maybe a few but not most


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